As the day of Toontown Central faded to night, King sat atop a building as he watched the sunset. "Four years.." He muttered. That's how long Toontown had been closed for. It had been a long and hard four years. Lots of the things that magically seemed to come into Toontown with no explanation had stopped coming. New toons weren't popping up everywhere. They seemed to be stuck in time. All they could do was get the new toons stronger, inlist more to join the Resistance, and turtle away for the long haul. Cheetah was in the streets, practicing a new fighting style with her staff as King Fritz made comments on her form and speed, directing her as she went. Jazzy turned a want over in her hands on a building close to King. She didn't know why they were all here. The patrols that looked for mass invasions and help had stopped searching a long time ago. She sighed and lied back on the colorful material used on the roofing. "Hey, King?" She asked. "Yeah?" He replied. "Why are we still here, looking for things to come? Shouldn't we be back enjoying ourselves until something bad happens?" King was silent for a moment. "I know something's going to happen. For now, though, I'll watch the sunset. Care to join me?" Was his reply. She sat next to her best friend and watched the sunset with him. Toontown sunsets were different, but beautiful because they hadn't started appearing until recently. That was the first day of year four.

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