Writebots are one of the types of cogs along with many others. 

Isignia: A grey pencil (not the picture below)


Writebots are experts at writing and have knowledge of great writing skills and techniques. Writebots only write and do nothing else than WRITE, WRITE, WRITE! These set of cogs aren't really powerful though and have some of the weakest attacks.

InfamousAuthor cogwritebot2012bytoontastic

Writebot HeadquartersEdit

The CourtyardEdit

Writebot Headquarters is very clean, has shiny floors, and cloudy skies alot like Lawbot HQ. Writebot HQ has a number of cogs roaming the courtyard, including Fail Miss. Spells, Jornualists, Infamous Authors, and some Poetics.

The Writing FacilitiesEdit

It's very easy to get your Writebot Cog Suit. Go to the Writing facilities and defeat the Writing Master (a v2.0 Level 8 Skelecog Head Author) (4x times). In the Writing Facilities, you will find several Infamous Authors/writers, Ideaists, Revisers, Jornualists, Poetics and Infamous Authors/writers. The lowest level of cog in Writebot HQ, including the facilities is Level 3 cogs and maximum is Level 8 cogs. After you've gotten all of your parts, you have to earn 10 notes to fight the T.B.C for your first time. You start out as a Fail Miss Spell Level 1, of course.

Notes are objective of getting a promotion in Writebot HQ.

T.B.C BattleEdit



  • Fail Miss. Spell (Level 1-5)
  • Ideaist (Level 1-5)
  • The Reviser (Level 2-6) 
  • The Interviewer 
  • Jornualist  (Level 4-8)
  • The Poetic (Level 4-8)
  • Mrs. Essay Reviewer 
  • Infamous Author 
  • The Publisher 
  • Mr. Copyright
  • The Author's Editor
  • The Illustrator 
  • The Head Author 

Boss: The Book Critic decides if a cog author's book is ready to be released to the public.

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