these are the 3rd and last type of USABot. they are based of insignia's of the united states (mostly Gems or stones).

they also have the least levels (3) and are the weakest yet the fastest

List of White USABots with Signature(s) Edit

Tourmaline Wig LV. 1-3 (Blueberry Bomb!)

Moonstone Eagle LV. 2-4 (Orange Juice Watercooler!)

Beryl Flunky LV. 3-5 (Blue Bird Buster!)

Quartzsucker LV. 4-6 (Smokey Quartz!)

Petoskey Trout LV. 5-7 (White Pine Wand!)

Sapphire Bear-Pirate LV. 6-8 (Claw!/Agate Laser!)

Lady Cogington LV. 7-9 (the cogtanic!)

Blue Eagle LV. 8-10 (Native Gold Axe!)

BOSS: VUSP (Vice United States President!)


Coming Soon!...

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