White Nights
White nights

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A short-legged black cat.

White Nights is a minor character from Prelude. This toon lives alone in a mansion, and it is suggested that she can play the grand piano. White Nights is depicted to be intelligent and have access to future plots that the cogs are making.


Although not much information regarding her personality is supplied about this character, White Nights acts bitter towards the cogs and her past. She is described to have little hope about the Tooniverse, aside from the fact she's arranging plans to save them from Cog Nation.


  • White Nights is a maxed toon in game. (Which can be seen on the picture.)
  • She is part of the Toon Council in Prelude.
  • The toon itself is non-fictional.
  • Sadly, the woman behind the toon (Anita) died in April 2014 due to an illness.

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