An Interactive Fanfiction created by Jelly and Sonic.


It was a dark, rainy night, as the VP hid in his super secret hiding place. It wasn't secret; It was super secret. Anyone who thought it was just secret would meet the CJ within 5 minutes. Anyway, it wasn't really super secret as we know where it is. It was under a manhole in Lawbot HQ. The VP didn't walk to LBHQ, he got his servants to carry him (he was too fat to walk). As I was saying, he was there, drinking from his super secret apple juice storage (I'm not going there!). "You wll fall asleep," a voice said, and within seconds, the VP was snoring

When the VP woke up, he was dying for apple juice, Literally, he might die. So he went into his secret apple juice storage. Oops, sorry, super secret apple storage. But there was one problem. THE APPLE JUICE HAD VANISHED! "VP angry... VP... MAD!!!!!!" the VP shouted, and called his servants to pick him up and take him to the Chairman, for the start of the adventure to find the lost Apple Juice.

Chapter 1 the adventures begins!

As the VP's servants were carrying him, the VP saw a magical glowing light. " Light pretty........." said the VP he commanded his servants to carry him to the magical light. He thought it was his apple juice, but it wasn't! It was grape juice! " Me don't like Grape Juice! " said the VP. The VP commanded his servants to go to his uncle's house. Because his uncle was a thief and an exile from Cog Nation. The VP then got there because since the VP's servants go tired. He commanded them to put him in a big red wagon, and start pulling! He then reaches the front door of his uncle's house.........

Chapter 2 The secret

The VP then was trying to knock on the door, but he couldn't. So, he smashed it open with his head. He then saw is Uncle watching the worst show anyone wanted to watch. American Cog idol. " Me here Uncle! " said the VP. His Uncle then attacked him and the knocked him down. He pulled out a red lightsaber and the VP pulled out a blue one. They fought and fought until the VP got too tired and gave up. " Obi-wan never told you what happened to your father. He said. " He told me enough. He told me you killed him. " said the VP

" No I am your father! " The VP was silent, then he said. " You been watching too much star wars again haven't you? The VP then was pulled out the door.

But he actually didn't get pulled out the door, as he was too fat.


He finally got out the door. His uncle came and asked him - "Want some grape juice?" "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The VP shouted. Sorry, he whispered as he was out of energy after getting pulled out of the door. He ran off and noticed he couldn't run, so he went back to his wagon. "Take me to Burger King." the VP said.

After a nice burger, the VP thought - "Hmm......................................... I don't like this." Meaning it wasn't nice. He went to the kitchen to complain, but ended up falling through the floor to the secret temple of doomy doom. There was a big safe, which had 3 number slots. There was a note next to the safe saying -

How do you find the number? Well, add the digits together to get 13. This number is bigger than 250. What number is it?

"Hmm...." the VP wondered.

Ch.3 The VP's finest hour.... Just Kidding! I'm not done with the story. This is a really long chapter name isn't it?

22 HOURS LATER.............

"Finally! I actually had to go back to school for a few minutes! " said the VP. He opened the safe. Instead of Apple Juice, it was Cranberry Juice! " NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! " said the VP. " I DON'T LIKE CRANBERRY JUICE! " so he went out of the " disgusting" place Burger King and went across the street to Mcdonald's. He thought he could get a nice Burger and Fries. But instead, he got a Happy Meal! Well, the only reason why is he got a Toontown figure of himself. The Burger and Fries were Okay but it was the toy he didn't like. He went to the Manager's room to complain but fell through the floor again and went to the temple of even more doomy doom doom. There was another safe. How do you find the_

" Forget it! " said the VP... He opened the safe and saw something inside........... A carton, with words written on it - APPL3 JUICE! "HOORAY!!! ME LIKE APPLE JUICE JUICE!!" he opened the bottle and drank all of it. "This no Apple Juice Juice.... this...... Grape... JUICE JUICE!!"


After being to the toliet, the VP left McDonalds and went ot Pizza Hut. He didn't have a pizza as they were not open. "Oh." he said and made his way outside. Where now? he thought. "I know! My uncles house!" he said, and went to his uncle's house to get kicked out, so he went to Burger King, then McDonalds, then Pizza Hut.... 5 times. Where was his Apple Juice? I know, but I can't tell you VP!!

"Curse you Narrator!!!" The VP said.

Excuse me, I'm telling the story, so you better shut your fat gob.

"GRR........ Wait a minute... did you steal Aplle Juice?" Maybe....

"BAD NARRATOR STOLE JUICE JUICE! HE DIE DIE! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Robobot1747's EndingEdit

The VP has his servants carry him to the Narrator's house.

"Hey, wait," says that Narrator. "You're breaking all the laws of physics!" "ME NO CARE ABOUT MIND READING LAWS!" shouts the VP. "ME WANT APPLE JUICE!" "Ow, ow!" shouts the Narrator. "You're crushing me! Get off my chest!" "APPLE JUICE!!!" hollers the VP. "Okay, okay, I'll talk!" cries the Narrator. "All I can tell you for sure is that the guy who stole it lives in Sellbot Towers." "OK Narrator," syas the VP. "Goodbye." "Heh heh heh," laughs the Narrator. The VP then commanded his servants to take him to Sellbot HQ

2 hours, 14 minutes and 36 seconds later...

There he rode the elevator up to his rooftop office. (The elevator had to be triple-reinforced and rocket-powered because the VP was so fat.) He then booted up his Evil but Stupid Corporate Cog Desktop Computer. "Me teach that guy a good lesson- a lesson with a big boom!" the VP says to himself. He selects NUCLEAR MISSILE LAUNCH on his computer and enters the target as Sellbot Towers. "Hey, wait one second," says the VP. "ME LIVES IN SELLBOT TOWERS! OH NO!" The VP then commanded his servants to take him away from Sellbot HQ, but his servants all said: "We are tired of you bossing us around. You are fat and lazy and stupid and selfish. You are too heavy to carry away before the missile hits. Goodbye." And with that, the VP's servants fly away. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Yells the VP. Then the missile hits and there is a loud BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!

"Hey, me floating!" says the VP. "Me going to bright light!" The VP floats into the bright light and enters Cog Heaven. "Greetings," says Cog God. "You have been a very coggy cog in life. So for your reward in the afterlife, you get what you always wanted... (Angelic chorus) AN UNLIMITED SUPPLY OF APPLE JUICE!" (Piles and piles of juiceboxes appear stretching on to infinity) "AAAAAPPPPPPLLLLLLEEEE JJJJUUUIIICCCEEEE!" Yells the VP. He instantly begins to drink it.

12 minutes and 58 seconds later...

"Burp." says the VP. The piles and piles of juiceboxes are all gone, with a few remaining lying on their sides. "What the heck???" says Cog God, entering the area. "I gave you an unlimited supply of apple juice and you drank it all in- (He checks his watch)- 12 minutes and 58 seconds? Bad Cog! You have hoarded so much apple juice on the toony plane, you must now face PUNISHMENT in the afterlife. For your sins you shall BECOME apple juice!" "YAY APPLE JUICE!" yells the oblivious VP. He begins to drink himself.

47 seconds later...

The VP had almost finished drinking himself. He was down to the last drop. He began to struggle to drink it. "NO, WAIT, DON'T DO THAT!" yells Cog God. "IF YOU DO THAT YOU WILL CREATE A PARADOX AND DESTROY ALL UNIVERSES!" The VP showed genius-level intelligence (for him) by pausing before drinking the last drop of himself. Then he drank it. Boom. [1] THE END By Robobot 1747

Roblox3ds77's EndingEdit

No, wait, I didn't steal the apple juice! The apple juice is in the Chairman's butt!

"Thanks narrator!" said the VP. "ME WANT MY APPLE JUICE!

You're welcome. Now, the VP went to Cognation where Donut was spanking the Chairman.

"Hey wait..." asked Donut. "Isn't that apple juice?"


Then the VP drank his apple juice.

But not before Donut started beating him up.


Then he hit the self distruct button.

Donut and the Chairman watched in horror as the VP blew up.

Actually, Cognation was blown up entirely.

SkyballTheSpeaker's Ending Edit

The Narrator appeared, and was suddenly joined by 3 other narrators. Two of them were shrouded in darkness while the third was obviously visible.

A black cat in blue bandana, checkered shirt, pink skirt... egads, this narrator was a Toon!

The VP began to run over the narrators, but kept missing the Toon.

The Toon then stopped in her tracks, and somehow managed to stop the VP in his tracks.

"Stop, Mr. Vice President! I can give you two things you've always wanted!"

The VP was confused. "What you mean?"

The Toon swiftly jumped up to the VP's head, and whispered,

"I can give you intelligence... and apple juice."

She had him at "apple juice". Through some sort of Disney Magic, the VP suddenly became smart...

"Well where's my apple juice, Toon?"

The Toon shrugged. "Probably in your Super Secret Apple Juice Stash Under Lawbot HQ."

Out of nowhere, the VP suddenly fell through the floor, and ended up where he started.