ConomyBots are a new line of cogs rolled out by the The Finance Minister in response to cogs being destroyed faster than they could be built. These new cogs are more menacing than ever before, and Toons need stronger gags to take them down. They take orders from the Level 50 Sellbot, The Director of Sales and Marketing.

The Corporate Ladder:

1-8. Wallet-Lifter

2-9. Street Bandit

3-10. Fundraiser

4-11. Forex Trader

5-12. Asset Manager

6-13. Market Analyst

7-14. Value Vulture

8-15. Cashflow Croc

9-16. Mortgage Monster

10-17. Pretender Lender

11-18. Property Piranha

12-19. Tax Lion

13-20. Bloomberg

The V2 Cashbots (1-7)


The V2 Cashbots (8-13, Principal and Managing Director)

IMG 0001

(this may change ^)

Other cogs:

Chief Operating Officer (the TFM's right-hand man)


Managing Director

BOSS. The Finance Minister (TFM) (you face him in The Boardroom).


CashBots and Company, Inc. 

Revenue:  UP $78.5 bn 

Operating income: UP $46.3 bn

Net income:  UP $17.2 bn

Total assets: UP $76.6 bn

Total equity:  UP $89.7 bn

V2 Cashbot and V2 Bossbot Invasions: Sept-Dec 2014

Sept 1-8: Cashflow Croc

Sept 9-16: Mortgage Monster

Sept 17-24: Forex Trader

Sept 25-Oct 2: Pickpocket

Oct 2-9: Honcho

Oct 10-17: Shareholder

Oct 18-25: Four-Striper

Oct 26-Nov 2: Bossy Boots

Nov 2-9: Tax Lion

Nov 10-17: Bull-Head

Nov 18-25: Asset Manager AND Big Shot joint cog invasion

Nov 26-Dec 3: Market Analyst AND Kingpin joint cog invasion

Dec 4-11: Single-Mind

Dec 12-19: Bloomberg

Dec 20-24: *MEGA* Invasion disturbed by any of these level 7 cogs: Value Vulture, The Charmer, Guv'nor, Dark-Horse, Pink-Collar

Dec 25: Even the cogs wouldn't fight on Christmas...would they? H.O.S.P.E.R robots (Holiday Spirit Ruiners) land in TTC, DDock, DGardens and The Brrrgh.

Dec 26-30: *MEGA* Invasion disturbed by any of these level 3 cogs: Fundraiser, Tycoon, Carpetbagger, Battle Mech

Dec 31: All-out cog invasions. Every cog that has invaded so far makes an appearance.

Jan 1: Temporary cog retreat. They'll be back next September.

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