Trix Von Vart is a black cat, and a member of the TRF

Life StoryEdit

Trix was born to Phineas and Isabella Von Vart. His parents were not black cats, but Trix's fur genes mutated, turning him into a black cat. This mutation weakened his sense of hearing, but strenthened his sense of vision. Trix grew up happy, living the life of a normal toon until the fateful day. Trix and his father had an argument, an argument so full of anger, Trix ran away at the age of 15! Trix became a member of a flash mob, but was run over by a TRF car at the age of 21. Trix was healed by Nurse Doc, and began involvement with the TRF. He found and kidnapped Sir Binky Dizzytoon. Trix is currently a member of the TRF.


Trix is independent, unfriendly, and vengeful. Thankfully, Trix is easily incapitated by being blinded.


  • Trix is one of the 10 black cats in the TRF.

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