Trap-Up is a hybrid gag track created by ThatPortalGuy. They are created like this: one toon selects trap, and another toon selects toon-up. This will cause a small, blue button with a plus sign on it to appear on the bottom-left of the laff meter of the toon who is using trap or toon-up. It is only visible to the toons using trap or toon-up, and they cannot see their own button. Clicking on this button will cause a panel to appear and the toon whose button was pushed's screen. Here, they will have the option to create a Trap-Up. If they say yes, the two toons will walk forward at the beginning of the round, throw their gags together, and get a Trap-Up. The Trap-Up will look like the trap used, with a slight yellow glow. When cogs are lured into the Trap-Up, it will heal all toons in battle, and more than the toon-up used would by itself.


  • Trap-Up is used first.
  • It can target all or one cog, depending on which gags are used to create the Trap-Up.
  • The accuracy matches the accuracy of the Toon-Up used to create it.
  • The cogs must be lured into the traps for it to work.
  • They cannot be bought.
  • Any levels of Toon-Up and Trap can be used to make them; for instance, a level 5 trap and a level 2 toon-up will make a Trap-Up.
  • If a target-all toon-up is used to create them, they will cancel out any other traps that would have been used in that round. This will not, however use up the canceled-out trap.
  • They cannot be stored, and will be used in the same round that they are made.


  • Any levels of Toon-Up and Trap can be used to make them.
  • They will heal the amount of healing seperately done by the Toon-Up used to create them, plus the amount of damage the Trap did.
  • Making them does not cancel out the usage of any other traps or toon-ups, with the exception of traps if a target-all toon-up is used to create the Trap-Up.
  • They will heal all toons in battle, including the ones that made it.


  • It cannot be used if there is only one toon in battle.
  • It will use one trap and one toon-up.
  • They cannot be stored.
  • It is useless without lure.
  • It can be difficult to categorize them.

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