An episode takes place in a house at a dark rainy day where little cecil was playing with his teddy bear.

Little cecil:Teddy! teddy! play play! hehehe!

(Paco runs out of the room).

Paco:Arf! arf!

Little cecil:Paco play teddy with cecil!

(His mom comes up).

Cecil's mom:Having fun playing with your toy?

Little cecil:Yes yes!

Cecil's mom:Wow! it's bedtime so lately how about we go to bed?

Little cecil:OK mommy.

(She carries little cecil up to bed while paco follows her).

Cecil's mom:Rock-a-bye baby in dreamland when stars twinkle the cradle will rock when an angel says time for bed now and then the baby sleeps soundly. Sweet dreams.

(She turns off the light cecil sleeps well the next morning little cecil wakes up but he couldn't find his teddy bear).

Little cecil:Teddy?(Looks under his cradle)Teddy?

(His mom watches TV little cecil is crying).

Cecil's mom:Cecil! what's wrong baby?

Little cecil:Cecil lost teddy!(Cries).

Cecil's mom:Aww don't worry we'll get your teddy bear soon.

Little cecil:But cecil can't find teddy.(Sniffs).

(Paco runs down and jumps on cecil's lap).

Paco:Arf! arf! arf! arf! arf! arf! arf! arf!

Little cecil:Cecil find teddy?

Paco:arf! arf arf! arf!(Licks face).

Little cecil:Yay!

Cecil's mom:Go find your teddy bear until you find it.

Little cecil:OK mommy.

Paco:Arf! arf!

(Paco and cecil go find a teddy bear).

Little cecil:Let's go in kitchen.

Paco:Arf! arf!

(They walk into the kitchen).

Little cecil:Let's look.

Little cecil:Hmmm... nope I know let's look room.

Paco:Arf! arf!

(They go up the stairs).

Little cecil:Cecil's room!

Paco:Arf! arf!

(Little cecil & paco go on the cradle).

Little cecil:Is teddy here?

(Gets in blanket and his teddy bear was there).

Little cecil:Yay!

Paco:Arf! arf!

Little cecil:Cecil found teddy!

(Cecil's mom makes laundry cecil walks up with his teddy bear).

Cecil's mom:Oh hello cecil did you find your teddy bear?

Little cecil:Yes mommy!

Paco:arf! arf!

Cecil's mom:Well that's great!

(Little cecil and paco play as the episode ends).


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