(As the episode begins we see cecil's parents getting cecil bubbles paco into the room).

Cecil's mom:Now play friendly children.

Little cecil:I don't wanna play friendly mommy.

Cecil's grandfather:Cecil!

Little bubbles dizzyspeed:I wanna play hard and rough!

Cecil's grandfather:Bubbles! act like a lady.

(Closes door).

Little bubbles dizzyspeed:Geouch! what a grouch!

(Little cecil punches a punching bag).

Little bubbles dizzyspeed:Come on cecil you can punch better than that.

(Grabs punching bag).

Little bubbles dizzyspeed:Let me try.

Little cecil:But you're a crazy dork.

Little bubbles dizzyspeed:But you're a sexless rat (Grabs boxing gloves)Give me the gloves!

(Starts punching the bag).

Cecil's grandfather:Cecilia.

Cecil's mom:They're just playing grandpa cecil.

Cecil's grandfather:I can't sleep with all that racket.

Cecil's mom:But I like the punching bag sound you tell them if you don't like it.

Cecil's grandfather:I said do it now MOVE IT!

(Cecil's mom leaves when his grandfather is asleep but wakes up and listens to the punching bag).

Cecil's grandfather:Why you little!(Gets up walks into the room)Gasp!

(he sees little cecil's mom doing the punching bag but she stops.)

Cecil's mom:Gasp!

Little cecil:Sorry grandpa.

Little bubbles dizzyspeed:Sorry grandpa.

Paco:arf arf!

Cecil's mom:Sorry grandpa cecil.

(Cecil & bubbles block the punching bag).

Cecil's grandfather:Get out of the way cecil.

Little cecil gulp!(he walks way bubbles grabs the punching bag).

Cecil's grandfather:let go bubbles.

(Bubbles pulls the punching bag too far.then the punching bag hits grandpa cecil twice).

Cecil's grandfather:D,oh! oof!(Faints then little cecil holds up bubbles' hand as the episode ends).


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