Toontown babies episode 1:the toons are born.

As we begin we see 2 baby toons play

Little Cecil:Yaay! toy train toy train!

Cecil's mom:Can you open it and see what's inside?

little cecil opens

Little cecil:A teddy bear!

Cecil's mom:That's right.

Little Bubbles dizzyspeed:Daddy can I open it?

Cecil's dad:Open it and see what you get?

bubbles opens a box

Little bubbles dizzyspeed:A wand!

Cecil's dad:that's right! birthday girl.

When time pasts... They played together.

Cecil's parents:Happy birthday cecil!

Little Bubbles Dizzyspeed:Mommy can I give cecil a birthday present?

Cecil's mom:OK Just give him what he likes.

After his dad passed away... his grandfather arrived

Cecil's grandfather:What story can I tell you kids?

Little cecil:Tell me the 3 little pigs!

Little bubbles dizzyspeed:Can you tell me knock knock jokes?

These 2 mice were born after there uncle passed away.

Cecil's mom:Did you hear a bark?

Little cecil:Yes!

Cecil's mom:Open it and see what's inside.

Opens box and outpops a doodle!

Cecil's mom:it's your pet doodle!

Little cecil:yay! he he!

They were friends together END

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