Toontown Prodigy is a online game based on Disney's closed game, Toontown Online. The Objective of the game is where you do a math problem. Grades 1-8 are able to play this game. Teachers can use Toontown Prodigy by making an account and creating their students. The prot is Cogs take over Toontown and it is your job to save like the others. You need to do a math problem on each gag track expect Toon-up and Trap. Students will enjoy playing Toontown at school. If you go on level 30+ on the original Prodigy, you can go to the laff points on 100 or more and finish all gag tracks. There is the same clothes as original Toontown as says so. It is the same kind but something new is here. Math Problems! Everything on Toontown with Math! (Slogan)

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