Toontown: The Documentary is a documentary created by Flippy in 2013. He explains the history of Toontown Online, and the end of it all. However, the series is later revived by Sir Max to be based on Toontown Rewritten.


Season 1Edit

Episode 1: Ideas

In the first episode, Flippy describes the creation of Toontown, and how the idea was thought up.

Episode 2: Alpha

In the second episode, Flippy describes the alpha stages of Toontown.

Episode 3: Beta

In the third episode, Flippy describes the beta stages of Toontown.

Episode 4: Public

In the fourth episode, Flippy describes the public stages of Toontown.

Episode 5: End

In the fifth episode and the final episode of Season 1, Flippy describes the ending of Toontown.

Season 2 (Rewritten)Edit

Episode 6: Not the End

In the sixth episode of the now revived series, Sir Max describes how Toontown Rewritten came to Alpha and how it saved the hopes and dreams of many people.

Episode 7: Rewritten

In the seventh episode, Sir Max describes the alpha stages of Toontown Rewritten.

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