Toontown: Dreams
Chapter 1: The Story Chapter 2: Mr. E Chapter 3: The Wondrous Wonders
Mr. E
Toontown: Dreams
Episode #: Chapter 2
Setting: Clock Tower @ Central Plaza, Toontown Providence

Mr. EEdit

Previously, Midnight and Aqua were researching about the History of Toontown until a commotion outside had them curious to what's happening to the clock tower of Central Plaza. The two secretly investigate, knowingly that they are not suppose to tag along with Flippy and the Toon Troopers. The scene begins with Aqua and Midnight climbing a flight of stairs to the gear room. Suddenly, they start hearing noises from the other side, attempt to listen to the commotion, and breaking the door and falling over.

Flippy questions the two why they followed him. Midnight and Aqua realize that the group is entrapped in a weird substance. Suddenly, a strange, mysterious figure appears by the name of "Mr. Enigma" whom can be referred to as simply "Mr. E". Mr. E casts a spell on the clock tower, which suddenly start to tremble. As Mr. E leaves, the trapped group is set free due to Mr. E's power being out-of-range. With the clock tower shaking uncontrollably, Midnight, Aqua, Flippy, and the Troopers escape the clock tower.

Upon exiting, the clock tower transforms into an evil mechanical tower called Clockwork. Clockwork begins tearing down the city. Flippy orders the Toon Troopers to stop Clockwork, but the Troopers fall asleep from a sleep-inducing ringing of the bell. In a panic, Flippy brilliantly thinks and let's Midnight and Aqua do the stopping. Flippy entrusts the two with the Cupcake gags and a prototype of the teleportation device. With the teleportation device, toons can teleport in a short range of ten feet. Midnight and Aqua use the teleportation device to teleport to the clock tower interior and begin climbing the stairs.

At the very top of the clock tower, Midnight and Aqua attempt to sabotage the gears but no luck. They, however, notice a strange glowing figure, an energy source, that controls the clock tower. They attempt to destroy it with the gags, but the gag is too weak to destroy it, and it only angered Clockwork to releasing a shower of gears. However, a mysterious white light gathers and releases an object. Midnight and Aqua acquire a stronger Throw gag and use it on the energy source. This time, they were successful in stopping Clockwork.

With the energy source fading, Clockwork begins to topple and falls over. Luckily, Midnight and Aqua are okay. Flippy comes and congratulates the two from stopping Clockwork. In the mean time, a black aura gathers, and an angered Mr. E appears....


  • Midnight: Wait up, Aqua! Running through all these stairs is tiring!
  • Aqua: Man up, Midnight! We're almost there!
As they climb the stairs, they hear the "commotion".
  • Aqua: Hey, hey. Listen.
  • Midnight: Okay. [pause] I can't hear anything. Move over.
  • Aqua: Quit shoving!
Door suddenly breaks.
  • Aqua and Midnight: Oof!
  • Flippy: Children! What are you doing here! I told you to go home!
  • Midnight: Sorry, Mr. Mayor. [speaking to Aqua silently] C'mon. Let's go.
  • Aqua: No. I came here to find out what's happening. And I'm not going back down until I do.
  • Midnight: He-hey Aqua. Look.
  • Aqua: What.
  • Midnight: Looks like the Mayor and the Troopers are stuck in some weird substance. Let's go help the-....
  • ???: Welcome to my playroom. You're just in time.
  • Aqua and Midnight: [shocked] Huh, who's there?
  • Flippy: Run kids! It's not safe for you to... [mysterious figure uses some weird spell]
  • Midnight: Mr. Mayor!
  • ???: Heh. He talks too much. Well, let me introduce myself. I am Mr. Enigma, but you may call me Mr. E.
  • Aqua: Mr. E? Sounds a lot like Mystery.
  • Mr. E: Great of you to find out, kiddo. Now. [fixes broken door and shuts it] Nobody is leaving without playing with my big friend. [uses a spell] Come out, Clockwork!
Clock tower suddenly starts rumbling.
  • Everybody (except Mr. E): Whoa!
  • Midnight: What's happening!!
  • Aqua: I don't know! But it sounds like it's not gonna be good!
  • Mr. E: Hahaha! Have fun playing! [uses an exit spell]
  • Aqua: What are we gonna do?
  • Flippy: Huh. The weird substance is gone. I guess his power is only in range. Or...
  • Midnight: No time! We have to get out of here!
  • Flippy: Right. Everybody, out through the door!
Everybody exits the gear room and into the staircase.
  • Everybody: Ahhh!!
Clock tower begins to rise from the ground.
  • Aqua: Hurry up!
Everybody exits (falls from) the clock tower.
  • Everybody: Ahhh!!
  • Aqua: Ugh. Get off me!
  • Flippy: Heh. Would you look at that? The clock tower coming to life!
  • Clockwork: Raaawwwrrrr!!! [releases a vibration of sound from the bell]
  • Everybody: Ahhh!! That thing is terrifying!
  • Flippy: Toon Troopers! Do your job and protect the city!
  • Toon Troopers: Roger that Mr. Mayor!
  • Clockwork: [releases vibration sound] Raawwrrr!!!
The weird vibration sound induced the Toon Troopers into a deep sleep.
  • Flippy: Oh, no! This is not good! [thinks] I know what! You kids. I need your help defeating this giant beast. [reaches out from a pocket] Here's some gags. [gives Midnight and Aqua a bag of Cupcakes]
  • Midnight: Gags?! But aren't they only given to special groups of toons?
  • Flippy: Yes, and you are a special bunch. Now, here's the plan. You can't really hurt the clock tower with just cupcakes. However, you can jam the gears at the top of the clock tower and possibly stop the clock from doing any harm.
  • Aqua: But, how do you suppose we get up there?!
  • Flippy: [reaches out from a pocket] Here. [gives Midnight and Aqua an unknown black round figure] This is a teleportation device. It'll allow you to teleport to various regions in a blink of an eye. However, this is just a prototype. It can only teleport you in a range of ten feet.
  • Midnight: Ten feet!?
  • Flippy: Yes. Now go! Save the city of Toontown!
  • Aqua: Hmm. Okay. Let's go Midnight!
Midnight and Aqua attempt to get in range with Clockwork.
  • Aqua: Now! We're as close as possible! Let's teleport!
  • Midnight: Right!
The two use the teleportation device.
  • Aqua: Wooh! That was fun!
  • Midnight: It sure was! I wish we can use it more, but we're in a middle of a mission.
  • Aqua: Are you kidding? Let's go and use it! We'll reach the top in no time!
The two attempt to use the teleportation device.
  • Aqua: Huh. Why won't it work?
  • Midnight: Maybe it's good for one use?
  • Aqua: Awww, c'mon! I don't wanna climb to the top again!
  • Midnight: Well, we have to!
Several flights of stairs later...
  • Aqua: [out of breath] Gasp, I'm tired...
  • Midnight: Look! It's the gear room!
  • Aqua: C'mon. Let's... go! [pause]
  • Clockwork: Raawrrr!! [releases a tremor of sound vibrations that topple buildings]
  • Aqua: Waahhh!! Let's go!
  • Midnight: Now, where's the running gears.
  • Aqua: There! Let's use the gags to jam it!
  • Midnight: Right!
The two use the Cupcake gags to try and stop Clockwork.
  • Midnight: Gasp. We're almost out, and I don't think we're doing any harm at all.
  • Aqua: Yeah. Phew. I'm tired.
  • Midnight: [spots something] Hey, look! There's a weird glowing object. What do you think it is?
  • Aqua: I don't know. But it looks pretty.
  • Midnight: Well, let's see what it does. Maybe it's the source of the clock tower?
  • Aqua: [starts randomly throwing Cupcakes at the energy source] Take that! And that!
  • Clockwork: Raaahh!!!
  • Aqua: Look! It's working!
  • Midnight: I think you made it mad.
  • Clockwork: [releases a shower of gears at Midnight and Aqua] Raahhh!!!
  • Aqua: Waaahhh!!
  • Midnight: Oooowww!!! Unngg. C'mon, let's throw some more Cupcakes!
The two throw more Cupcakes at the energy source.
  • Clockwork: Raaahhh! [releases more gears]
  • Aqua: Hey! Stop that!
After several times of throwing, a mysterious white light shines.
  • Midnight: Huh. What is that?
  • Aqua: I don't know.... But it looks pretty.
  • Midnight: You think everything is pretty.
Something emerges from the white light.
  • Midnight: Something's coming out!
A weird figure pops out.
  • Aqua: Whoa. What do you think it is.
  • Midnight: I don't know... [realizes something] I know! It's one of those gags! They say we receive a new one if we put effort into using these gags!
  • Aqua: Wow! Really nice!
  • Midnight: Well, let's go use it!
Midnight throws the gag to the energy source.
  • Clockwork: Raahhhh-aahh-aah-ahhh! ... RRAAAAHHHH!!! [starts to topple]
  • Aqua: Ahhh! We're falling!
  • Midnight: Hold on to something!
Clockwork trembles to the ground.
  • Midnight and Aqua: Ahhh!!! Is it over?
  • Aqua: I think so... Oww...
Flippy enters.
  • Flippy: Great job kids! You stopped the clock! Sadly, part of the city is in ruins.
A black light gathers.
  • Aqua: Whoa! What is that!?
  • Mr. E: [voice gets louder while emerging from the black light] Insolent little brats!
End of chapter.
Toontown: Dreams
Chapter 1: The Story Chapter 2: Mr. E Chapter 3: The Wondrous Wonders

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