Toontown: Dreams
None Chapter 1: The Story Chapter 2: Mr. E
The Story
Toontown: Dreams
Episode #: Chapter 1
Setting: Central Plaza, Toontown Providence

The StoryEdit

In class, Lil Oldman, an old man of wisdom and teacher, reads about the history of Toontown. He describes the war, the "power", the Wonders, and how the hero can use that power to stop the clutches of the evil beings. The pupils seem to be in awe and frightened from the story. Lil Oldman then assigns the pupils an essay about the history of Toontown. Midnight, a young black cat, asks for Mr. Oldman's wise words of wisdom and how it can help him on his essay. Lil Oldman directs Midnight to the library. As Midnight exits the classroom, one of his friends, Aqua - stubborn, active, and imaginative young duck - awaits Midnight at the front door.

The two head for the Library to research facts about the History of Toontown. While searching for a book, Midnight found a book about the war of Toontown. Meanwhile, Aqua searched for a book about Ducks and finds a picture about Eugene the Duck, a billionaire seeking valuables and assisting the citizens of Toontown. Midnight, annoyed by Aqua, reads the book he found. In many hours later, Aqua got bored and snatches Midnight's book. However, she finds a strange picture of the "hero" who is very identical to Midnight in various ways. Midnight is aspired by the picture, but Aqua cuts in on how bored and tired she was. Aqua realizes it's 7:00 (P.M.) and says how it's suppose to ring at 6; however, she doesn't care about it. The two then head outside to find that there is an argument going on.

The citizens of Toontown Providence are complaining how the clock tower did not ring and their schedules are in ruins. The Mayor, Flippy, attempts to settle the dispute by having Toon Troopers investigate the situation, but the citizens seem to ignore the fact and continue arguing. In the mean time, Aqua, being nosy, barges in and asks what's happening. The Flippy replies by saying that the clock tower mysteriously stopped working, and a crew is on its way to fixing it. However, a Toon Trooper requests that the Mayor has a look at a weird commotion happening at the gear room in the clock tower. Aqua, again being nosy, wants to tag along, but Flippy denies it. Meanwhile, Aqua secretly runs to the clock tower with Midnight following her in an attempt to bring her back.


Many years ago, the tribes of the Daydreamers and the Nightmares wage war against each other in the land known as Toontown. The power of the two was immense that was able to destroy the entire land. However, just before the land was devoured with flames of destruction, the strengths of the guardians, known as the Wonders, hid the powers of the two tribes and scattered it to various Providences. With the "power" now concealed from the world, the land was now peaceful... or so it may have seemed. There are those with greed and obsession with power that one would want to rule the entire world just for their own enjoyment. The evil Cogs have suddenly appeared out of nowhere, controlling the vast land of Toontown and subdue it with boring businesses. The Wonders knew this would soon happen and granted one special toon the power to control the "power" and stop the madness of the Cogs. But history has it wrong and the hero of the legend never appeared. To this day, half of Toontown is now blanketed in the evil clutches of the Cogs, and with the hero absent, the land, sky, and sea will soon be devoured by evil....
  • Lil Oldman: ... And that's how the story goes.
  • Pupils: [various conversations] Wow! Unbelievable! It's so sad that there's so many places with bad people.
  • Lil Oldman: Well, that's the end of the story. By the end of this next week, you will need to write an essay about the History of Toontown. [pause] Well, now kids, don't go running off into restricted areas, okay! It's unsafe and you could get eaten!
  • Pupils: [surprised] We sure won't!! I don't wanna get eaten! Ugh, not an essay!!
  • Lil Oldman: Now... run along now... I'll see you all tomorrow.
  • Midnight: [approaches Lil Oldman] Umm... Mr. Oldman. Can you tell me more about this story? Is there anywhere I can go to research about this?
  • Lil Oldman: Yes. Yes, Midnight. [lies] I'm afraid I don't know a lot about the history of Toontown, but... I can direct you to the Library. The Library has all sort of historical facts and answers to your questions. I'm sure you'll find them useful.
  • Midnight: Thanks, Mr. Oldman!
  • Aqua: Hurry up, Midnight! Time is wasting! I have plans to go to this weekend, and I do not want to get stuck with some essay.
  • Midnight: Alright, alright. Let's start on the essay.
Midnight and Aqua leave for the Library.
  • Aqua: Ugh, lots of books... Well, I guess we can find a lot of facts about Toontown.
  • Midnight: You got that right. It sure gives me the question marks.
  • Aqua: [confused] The what?
  • Midnight: Nevermind. [pause] Oh look! I found a book about the war! Look at it! It's magnificent! Aqua, did you find a book yet?
  • Aqua: [dozes off] Huh, what. Yeah. I found a book. Yep. It has pictures.
  • Midnight: Really? Let me see that.
  • Aqua: Yeah, go ahead.
  • Midnight: [disappointed] ... This book is about Ducks.
  • Aqua: I know right? Isn't it nice?! [finds something] Oh look at that! It's Eugene the Duck! I idolize him! I love how he's rich... and, well... rich!
  • Midnight: [doesn't care] Yeah. C'mon. Let's go start on the essay already.
  • Aqua: [stubborn] Well, alright then, Mister Bossy.
Hours later.
  • Midnight: [still reading] ... and the Wonders... blah blah... hero... blah blah... the Cogs... words and words....
  • Aqua: Ugh. This is SOOOoooo boring! Let me see that book! [snatches book from Midnight]
  • Midnight: Hey! Well, whatever. I got most of it down already.
  • Aqua: So many words... so little time. [turns page and spots something] Hey. Well, would you look at that. This lil' picture looks somewhat like you Midnight.
  • Midnight: Huh. Lemme see that.
  • Aqua: Yeah. It has the pointy ears, the shiny black fur, and everything. It even has that medallion you're wearing.
  • Midnight: Huh. Well, that's very strange indeed. I... [gets cut off]
  • Aqua: Well, I'm getting tired. [realizes something] Hey. It's 7:00 (P.M.). Shouldn't the clock normally ring at 6? [pause] Well, whatever. I'm tired. I'm going home.
  • Midnight: Okay. Me too. I'll finish my essay tomorrow.
The two head outside.
  • Citizens: [arguing] Hey! Why didn't the clock go off! Look! Now I'm late for dinner! Yeah! I missed my favorite show!
  • Mayor: [tries to settle dispute] Settle down folks. As the mayor of Toontown, Flippy, I ordered some Toon Troopers to investigate the situation. I haven't received a word from them yet.
  • Aqua: Hmm, I wonder what's going on.
  • Midnight: Let's go find out.
  • Citizens: [complains even more]
  • Flippy: Settle down! While we are investigating this situation, please return to your homes. We'll announce the news tomorrow.
  • Citizens: [mumble, mumble]
  • Aqua: [nosy] Hey. What's going on here Mayor?
  • Flippy: Well, the clock of the clock tower suddenly stopped working. We're having the Troopers investigate.
A Toon Trooper arrives.
  • A Trooper: Mr. Mayor. There's a strange commotion coming from the gear room.
  • Flippy: Unusual.
  • Aqua: Can we come?
  • Flippy: What? No. Of course not. This might be dangerous. Now return to your homes.
Flippy leaves.
  • Aqua: What?! I don't get anyone boss me around! Nuh-uh! No way! I'm going in there and find out!
  • Midnight: Aqua, no. I thought you were tired.
  • Aqua: Well, all this action has gotten me curious. [runs to the clock tower]
  • Midnight: Wait! Come back! ... Don't leave me! I'm coming too!
Toontown: Dreams
None Chapter 1: The Story Chapter 2: Mr. E

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