Toontown: Dreams is an adventure of many friends and allies who set out to find the dreams of the Providences.


Many years ago, the tribes of the Daydreamers and the Nightmares wage war against each other in the land known as Toontown. The power of the two was immense that was able to destroy the entire land. However, just before the land was devoured with flames of destruction, the strengths of the guardians, known as the Wonders, hid the powers of the two tribes and scattered it to various Providences. With the "power" now concealed from the world, the land was now peaceful... or so it may have seemed. There are those with greed and obsession with power that one would want to rule the entire world just for their own enjoyment. The evil Cogs have suddenly appeared out of nowhere, controlling the vast land of Toontown and subdue it with boring businesses. The Wonders knew this would soon happen and granted one special toon the power to control the "power" and stop the madness of the Cogs. But history has it wrong and the hero of the legend never appeared. To this day, half of Toontown is now blanketed in the evil clutches of the Cogs, and with the hero absent, the land, sky, and sea will soon be devoured by evil....

The ProvidencesEdit


  • Toontown Providence
  • Dock Providence
  • Gardens Providence
  • Melodyland Providence
  • Brrrgh Providence
  • Acorn Acres Providence
  • Dreamland Providence
  • Metropolis
  • ???


Suspect to change


Toontown: Dreams is a fan fiction created by Bermuda. The creator created the map to showcase the ideas of the land in Toontown: Dreams. All rights reserved.

© 2011 Bermuda Production

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