Toontown is turned into Cogtown after the cogs had made toons go sad in the alternate reality and forced them to work for the Chairman exept the resistance. Flippy is a cyborg, and the Chairman rules. The toons in the resistance are:

1. Donut

2.Super Duper Daddy

3. Blue Note

4. Lady Black Cat

5. Cranky Crazy Whackybrains

6. Mister Mildew

7. Shadow

Here's more: As for toons with only 15 laff, they are turned into Toonbots (The Chairman wanted a type of new cogs), and The Resistance defeats them in the Cogtown fanfiction with Donut-1, Super Duper Daddy-1, and Mister Mildew-1 (Mister Mildew knows Super Duper Daddy)

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