Now you all know the story of toontown right? Cogs have invaded toontown to steal all of the fun from toontown and the toons have to stop them but why do the cogs want to steal the fun? I plan on answering that in this toontown game theory.

Welll just to restate the question i just said: why do the cogs want to steal the fun from toontown? Well after doing some research on cogs on the toontown wiki i found no real reason why the cogs wanted to steal the fun. Well im going to go and say that it was that toons and cogs lived in peace and something happened Could it have been Flippy? Could it have been a random toon? Could it have been the cogs? i will visit all three.

Random Toon: This one might be long. Well maybe a toon was out hanging with a cog and they were messing around or they were out eating dinner or something of that nature and the toon spilled water on the cog and the cog was way up there with the mayor (if he was a cog at that time) and the cogs all found out that gags could destroy them because they were laughing. Then they noticed that the colors and building names of toontown might make them laugh so they tried to get rid of it fearing their lives.

Flippy: Well maybe if the cog that was president or mayor was taken out of office because he was not a good mayor and flippy began in-forcing more sillyness and the cogs who laughed at the sillyness exploded.

Cogs: Maybe an arguement that got out of hand? I will expand later.

Well with the random toon part the cogs would have one major design flaw they all have color and who is the one cog who doesnt have color? The chairman he is the one in charge and he is just about invincible. Well this is all just a theory a toontown theory!

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