Toons & Cogs

By the first time in Bossbot headquarters CEO,Little violet pinkerbumble,Name dropper,CFO,And a micromanager having a meeting during tax day.

CEO:Oh so you didn't ride a goat since you forgot huh?

Little violet pinkerbumble:Well yeah because it kept stabbing me I wonder why.


CEO:What is it now?

CFO:I think she needs to talk to the supervisor.

Name Dropper: But wait!..

CEO:Enough. I think on tax day she'll talk to him.

Micromanager:But that's no fair! we can't afford doing this that's my way.

Name dropper:Oh then you want to give my card?

CFO:Well you better make this stop.

CEO:what do you mean stop?

CFO:Because I earn money idiot.

Micromanager:You can't shove them

Little violet pinkerbumble:WILL YOU GUYS SHUT UP!

The cogs look at her

Little violet pinkerbumble:There's no time to talk like this it is now tax day so let's get going!

Micromanager:You've gotta be kidding me...

Later, at the mall.

CFO:Hey did you mean we get to have 25 dollars a day?

CEO:shut it there's no time to talk.

Little violet pinkerbumble: how about this?

Micromanager:....That's a train it just costs like 55 dollars or so.


He sees a toon and a cog talking to each other.


He runs into 2 people.

CFO:you said 25 dollars.

Micromanager:Don't be crazy! it's just 55 dollars.

CFO: Woohoo!

Little violet pinkerbumble:Wow. I guess he likes money huh?

Micromanager:Well that's what he gets!

Name dropper:Hey guys what do you have here?

Micromanager:Well me and little violet pinkerbumble just wanted to buy a toy train.

Name dropper:Well what does it cost?

Micromanager:uh... 55 dollars.

Name dropper: cool.

Then later at the church

Little violet pinkerbumble:Sigh when will we go to another place?

CEO:I don't know.

Then later at sellbot HQ.

Cold caller:Oh and this is a toy train huh?

Micromanager:Well yeah that's what I thought!

Cold caller: I see what you said.


then she gets thrown out.

Micromanager:Ah... Why does he have to pay more money!?

Little violet pinkerbumble:Man where is micromanager?

Name dropper:Nah she's waiting to come home.

Little violet pinkerbumble:Oh!

later at her estate.

CEO: hey guys.

Little violet pinkerbumble:Ugh hey CEO.

CEO:Where's everyone?

Little violet pinkerbumble:I'm not sure.


VP comes in drinking apple juice.

VP: Hey guys what's up?

CEO: Hey VP.

Little violet pinkerbumble:Uh...hi.

VP:Where's everybody?

CEO:There still at the mall

the cogs come in.

CEO: nevermind.

As all the cogs and a toon watch TV.

Little violet pinkerbumble:Wow. it's early I need to go to bed.

CFO: good night.

CFO: ha! I got all the money I have.

Micromanager:Yeah you do. 

Name dropper:She clearly does.


VP:Good as she comes.


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