Chapter 1: The purchase of SlappyEdit

Mister Loopenzilla was shopping at the Toon Store. He found Slappy and said: Wow, this is cool!

He paid for it and trotted home.

Chapter 2: The horror begins...Edit

After he takes Slappy home, he notices a piece of paper in his pocket. The words read: Karru Marri Odonna Loma Molonu Karrano. After reading the words, he sees the dummy wink at him. He stops and stares at him. He wonders: "Is it me or did that dummy wink?" After that he practiced to become a ventriloquist. That night, he heard a vase break. He went to check for robbers and found the dummy standing on the table with a baseball bat breaking stuff. Mister Loopenzilla screams in horror and runs upstairs and back to bed. The next day, his friend Adam comes over and finds Slappy. He tries him out and tells a few jokes. Then the dummy slaps Adam and says: "Hi, BIG BEAK!" Adam drops the dummy in horror and then the dummy stands up and says: "YOU ARE ALL LOUSY TOONS!" Mister Loopenzilla tries to tackle the dummy, but it dodges and throws a pie at Mister Loopenzilla. Mister Loopenzilla dodges the pie and throws the dummy in the air and it stops moving.

Chapter #3 The Secrets of SlappyEdit

Adam leaves at 4:00 and then Slappy lays lifeless on the floor. Mister Loopenzilla hears Slappy laughing that night and wakes up feeling brave. He takes Brave Pills and tiptoes downstairs. Slappy is breaking stuff and ripping papers. He destroys Mister Loopenzillas gags and messes up the paint on the wall. This makes Mister Loopenzilla soooo furious he pounces on Slappy from behind. Slappy lets out a loud shriek. Slappy shouts: "You are my slave forever!" Mister Loopenzilla shouts: "I'm not your slave!" Slappy shouts:YES YOU ARE! DON'T TALK BACK TO ME!" Mister Loopenzilla growls and throws Slappy, leaving a chip near his shoe. He then takes Slappy and smashes him on the floor, leaving him to crack open and a mysterious green mist comes out of Slappy's head and goes through the window and into the big pond near his house.

Mister Loopenzilla jumps for joy and says: SEE YA, SLAPPY! HAHA! The next week, he buys a new dummy and names him Dan. He doesnt go far til he see the dummy blink.


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