ToonTown Rewritten: The Series is a TV series that was released in 2016 by Walt Disney Animation Studios and the TTR Staff.

Plot Edit

ToonTown Rewritten: The Series focuses on a group of 8 toons and their quest to rescue Slappy from the evil Cogs. They are:

  • Bingo, played by seagreenbingo, a prankster who is currently running from the Lawbots.
  • Megasnoop, played by Megasnoop, Coach Z's apprentice.
  • Sir Max, played by Joey, one of the first to move into Toontown.
  • Lord Lowden Clear, played by Jon Bailey, the leader of the Toon Resistance
  • Kong, played by Michael, the creator of his own web series, The Random Toon Show.
  • Weird Lemonbrains, played by jordangaming101, a cat with a jokeful attitude.
  • Flapjack, played by Laosinaa, a female rabbit who is often mistaken for a male.
  • Fireball, played by OperationToonUp, willing to take on challenges on her own.

Episodes Edit

Season 1: The Expected Saga Edit

  1. "Years Ago": Scrooge McDuck activates a mysterious robot.
  2. "The Plan": Lord Lowden Clear gathers up an unlikely band of heroes.
  3. "Operation: Storm Sellbot": The team infiltrates the Sellbot Factory/
  4. "Toons in Disguise": Fireball tries to take on the VP, but gets captured, so she has to be rescued.
  5. "Tastes Like Mint": The team robs the Bullion Mint.
  6. "Safety Helmets": The CFO finds out Lord Lowden Clear's true identity.
  7. "We Are 'Helping!'": 3 mid laff toons mess around in the DA Office, so Fireball is forced to green them.
  8. "Lawbot and Order": The team is forced to be defence attorneys.
  9. "The Cogs That Stole the Winter Holidays": The Cold Callers launch a mega-invasion during the Winter Holidays.
  10. "Bossed Around": Kong tries to take on a Back 9.
  11. "You're Fired!": The CEO gets a demotion.

Season 2: The Duck Hunt Saga Edit

  1. "Let's Hunt Around and Search for the LHASFBBHQ": The team discovers the whereabouts of the LHASFBBHQ team, but it's not what they expect.
  2. "Toons of Steel": The team is forced to fight the LHASFBBHQ team, now turned into Cogs.
  3. "Rest in Pies": Weird Lemonbrains finds out his father has died, and the Bossbots turned his corpse into a Cog.
  4. "Cringe-Inducing Cats": The team comes across warrior cat guards.
  5. "The Executive Office": The team digs a hole under the Executive Office Tower.

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