ToonTown: Dreams vs Nightmares is a fanfiction show of 2 humans have entered ToonTown. It is written by Kyledude788. There are twin brothers, Alex and Vexan, battling each other. Alex joined the Toons and Vexan joined the Cogs.


Alex Durran- He is the only main protagonist in this show. He is a fan of making cartoons, circus, and video games. He is very nice to people. He likes jokes and funny stuff, but he hates when people bullying him. He trained as a martial artist with his brother, Vexan. He team up with the toons to stop Vexan making ToonTown into complete darkness. He is the knight of dreams, which he give people good dreams and fantasy.

Vexan Durran- He is the antagonist of this show. He hate his brother, Alex, because he is annoying, think doesn't behave alot, and he always making stupid jokes. He's very mean to people except people that are his type.He likes metal music, watching horror movie, color black, and also video games. He hates people who is very treatable, kind, and funny too much. He is a sorceror but, he teamed up with the cogs to destroy Alex. He is the knight of nightmares, which he give people bad dreams and terror. When he leaves any battle for no reason, when there is a cog next to him, he turn them into a robotic beast.

Chapter 1: BossbotsEdit

Episode 1: An Alien on ToonTownEdit

Episode 2: Darkness has bornEdit

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