A regular Toon.0.



Whatever laff they had before


Toon.0 (any level [up to 50 for regular, up to 100 for Ultra])

Cog Type


Toon.0s are toons that have been brainwashed to serve the cogs and put in cog suits.

How Toon.0s Are SpecialEdit

  • Gags do less damage to Toon.0s and you can use Toon-Up on them.
  • Toon.0s do not have a v2.0 form. The closest thing they have is an ultra form.

Ultra Toon.0sEdit

Ultra Toon.0s are advanced Toon.0s that have double health and the Bossbot waiter suit. The least health an Ultra Toon.0 can have is 30 and the max is 548.


An Ultra Toon.0.


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