Timerbots are fan made cogs that lead how long the time the other cog types work. The boss of the Timerbots is the OT (Officer Time). They were made because The Chairman's time schedule was starting to go hard due to cog population. So The Chairman created the Timerbots to help with the times to stop and go. There suits are zigzagged white and wear dark gray suits with numbers up to 12 (1-8 are on front, 9-12 are on back). They also have a clock printed on their suits around the gear belly. And they're symbol is a dark gray color with a square and inside the square is the same symbol as there printed clock is. The HQ is a square + triangular building with angry eyes. There is a clock saying real world/toontown time and a couple of gears are on the clock (Clock edges and gears are gold, while the points are the same as a real clock.) Now here are the tiers of cogs.

List of Tiers:Edit

1: Bell Tinger

2: Waker

3: Time Chaser

4: The Ticker

5: Long-mo

6: Tock Bomb

7: Old Timear

8: Song Stopper

Boss: Officer Time


Timerbots are hard workers. They usually work a lot on forecasts and time sections in all of Toontown. When they are on break, they really like to drink coffee and they like to make a conversation about dividing the toontown population. Only 5+ Tiers can have 64oz. coffee cups. But the lower tiers don't really care that much.

New MovesEdit


Timerbot HQ

Dreaming Avenue

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