Thundercracker is the first Deceptibot on the corporate ladder with levels raging from 1 to 5. It is the weakest cog, but still stronger than average.

Starting Phrases:

"The weatherman forecasts very stormy weather for today."

"I hope you checked the weather forecast!"

"Did you hear that?"

"That sounded like...thunder!"

"Just a little thunder. Nothing to worry about."

"When I clap, it's thunder you're hearing."

"I'm only level [cog's level]."

"Prepare to be cracked."

"I enjoy cracking toons."

"Time to crack up!"

"I'm on a toontown crackdown!"


Thunder Storm: Thundercracker stomps on the ground four times, causing clouds to appear over all the toons heads. These clouds start rumbling and the noise upsets the Toons, taking away 6 to 12 laff at a time.

Crack: Thundercracker takes out a brown bag and hurls it at the toon making him/her crazy. The initial hurl attack subtracts between 4 and 13 laff with the crazy effect taking away an extra 2 laff.

Dirty Laundry: Thundercracker takes out a laundry basket and starts throwing piles of dirty clothes at the targeted toon, taking away between 5 to 15 laff.

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