52 yaranaika by kyouhaii-d98tqh8

When candy woke up the chairman was in front of her bed but he was a skelecog candy was startled. and then the chairman said oh hello candy i have come to get revenge because you killed me. and then candy said but why? your alive now. be greatful. and then the chairman said why be greatful when i can kill you!?. and then candy said mr chairman know life isn't about being evil life is about the lord fun family and friends! be greatful your back!. and then the chairman said there's nothing to be greatful for in life candy don't you see your life is just a big giant box of stupidity! and then candy said your wrong! life is not stupid if anything you have no life the reason you hate us is because you have no life. and then the chairman said you will regret everything you said. and then candy said i may regret but i have friends to help defeat you. and the chairman said no one will help you your too small! and the candy said just because im small doesn't mean im not strong...

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