You have entered a world of legends, the heart of it, to be exact. The same place where Zita found his first victim. you are in TheSkoobyOnToontown's mind.

How it all beganEdit

One day, Flippy thought he should make a robot building contest. 2 toons- Leroy and Gyro decided to work together. During the process, the 2 toons dissagreed on certain things, like what it's name should be for example. Gyro wanted it to be "Cogs" because of the cogs on gear systems. Leroy wanted "Epibots" because it would make them sound cool. In the midst of all the arguing, the other toons were building super robots. By the time 1 week was left, Leroy and Gyro split apart. Gyro started to design the mini robots. then he went onto the higher ranks, then the official bosses.

Leroy was doing it much differently. He added toxins that could corrupt a toon in his cogs. Leroy created a series of Deadly bots all higher ranked and deadlier than Gyro's cogs. And then came the judging.

The JudgingEdit

"Alright. It appears i'm stuck between Leroy and Gyro's creation.", Flippy said. "If you make mine win, I'll actually work on my toontasks.,", Leroy whispered. "Ah, and the winner is Leroy!," Flipp exclaimed. Leroy then had many ideas in his head. One of his toontasks- go to a headquarters. He could make one, right? So there Leroy went,creating what he now calls "Epibot HQ". The epibots later corrupted Leroy in his sleep.

Gyro was FURIOUS. He stole himself all the way to a different planet. Plotting his plan, he felt an anger stronger than anything. He felt so anguished. Without thinking, Gyro started the production of millions of cogs. He created a cog language and told the cogs, "Tonight men, [and women] we shall move to toontown and DESTROY ALL TOONS!" The cogs shouted with eagerness. "What about us executives?", one executive asked.

"You will stay with me.," Gyro said with a sly smile. "And you 4 others, go invent your own HQ!," The 4 other executives drifted off into space. (They couldn't fly) And thus, began the epic battle between cog and toon.

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