In the Loony Lab, Professor Prepostera has completed his work on his one-of a kind Time Machine!

"It's finished, Guys!" Prep (his nickname or first name). "At first, I thought you would never finish it." Doctor Surlee said looking surprised. Prep shook his head, "Never, judge a invention by it's creating diffculty" he said.

"He's right." Doctor Dimm said. "Okay, let's give this baby, a test ride!" Prep said excitedly. Surlee looked at Prep, and asked; "Where are we going?". "Off to Never-La-, oh. wrong movie." Prep coughed and then said, "We're going to test the machine and go back in the past."

"Well, what year?" Surlee confused. Prep wondered, "Hmmm, let's say a MYPYB for a little surprise.".

"MYPYB?" Dimm said confused. "Mystery Year of the Past Button" he replied. They all got in and then he pressed the button. It took them waaaaaay back. The years swirled past them. Until, they landed on the mystery date.

"They landed in they're lab, where they were.. It looked less moderized and had different scientists. "Where are we?" Surlee asked. "In the lab, but years before 2012." Prep replied.

"Hey! That's my grandpa!" Prep said. Surlee and Dimm gasped. "Ah, Professor Horseshoe, one of the finest professors of Toontown and one of the first." he sighed happily, Prep smiled. "Why dont you go greet him?" Dimm asked, Surlee was puzzled as well.

"Because, the machine doesn't allow people to interact or change things in the past. So, my grandfather or any other toon in the past wouldn't able to see, or hear us." Prep replied, "Now, let's start at Toontown Central." he said.

"But what year is it?" Surlee asked confused. "One of the last few years before the cogs were build..a happy time in general." he sighed. "Okay, let's go." he said. He pressed the button; TTC and they teleported there in a split second.

"Here, we are. This is Toontown Central." Prep said. "Wow!" Surlee said, "It looks beautiful!" he said as he looked around. Birds were singing and flying around, butterflys were fluttering, and smiling sun was high in the sky. There was a small lake around the gazebo instead of fishing pound.

The Clown Fish in the pound weren't frowning, they were smiling happily and were bright green. "Hey, where's Mickey?" Dimm said. "Inside, the old toon hall. He was the mayor before Flippy.", Prep replied, "This is about ten more years before he hands over the keys to Flippy."

"I didn't even know that, and I'm a Loony Labs Member." Dimm said, "Well, I did." he said. "But, what I don't know is where is Flippy right now in this time?" Surlee asked Prep.

"He's still quite young and living in a small neighboorhood of Toontown, called Zany Valley with his mother." he answered. "Oh, I didn't know that." Surlee said.


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