The Television Trap is a fanfiction wrote by Man for the job.

Chapter 1: A New ChannelEdit

Bonkers, Gett, and Jellyroll Zillerwig were inside Flippy's office, Bonkers was calmly crouching, they were all fixed on the TV screen, it had a large, distinctive logo on the screen.

"Well, what do you think?" asked Flippy enthusiastically. Bonkers turned around and said:

"I don't know, I mean, who is it run by?" asked Bonkers.

"The Toon Council." K22 said.

"Really?" Gett said in suprise.

"I suppose, so Toons are 'Invited' to take part?" asked Bonkers, he made bunny ears on the word invited and continued. "Then they choose the show and if they win, they get Jellybeans?"

"Yes, but there are lots more shows like drama, comedy, lifestyle...." Flippy said, his mouth watered.

"Flippy." Jelly began in a quiet voice. "Does it show Doctor Who?" He asked.

Flippy nodded and Bonkers and Jelly smiled and did a high five.

"Well, I for one am totally intrested!" Gett said.

"So am I!" Jelly agreed.

"I am. But if anything happens, I say we should investigate, is that allowed?" asked Bonkers.

"I'll run it by them, but anyway, it should be live today. I'd go home and check out the grand opening! I'll be on telly!" Flippy beamed excitedly and jumped up in the air, K22 stood beside him, standing still.


Bonkers, Jelly and Gett were all slouched on the sofa, waiting for the new channel to air. What Flippy was talking about was a new TV station, Bonkers was skeptical at first, but he decided to give it a go. Suddenly a bright light came on and a bright logo came onto the screen:
T.O.O.N Broadcasting Angency

"Wow!" Jelly cried in suprise.

"Look's good!" Gett commented.

"Welcome to the grand opening of the T.O.O.N Broadcasting Agency! We hope you enjoy our programing!" blurted out the TV.

"Intresting!" Bonkers commented. Suddenly, a bright flash emerged from the screen, then a dark picture came onto the screen, Jelly and Gett wondered if it was a fault. "It's an error,...... I think." Bonkers hesitated but went closer to the screen.

The Eye

"Do you know what it is Bonkers?" asked Gett.

"No, hold this for me Jelly!" Bonkers handered Jelly a stick like thing. Bonkers held a spanner in his hand, he banged the metal television surface, the TV springed back to life. It was showing a drama program.

"Where did you get a spanner from?" asked Jelly laughing. He handed Bonkers the stick back, Bonkers threw it outside for the doodles to catch.

"We've met alot of people though, haven't we. We get rewards sometimes." Bonkers chuckled and everyone began to watch the TV. Bonkers dawned on a thought,

"Guys, I say we should go to Flippy." Bonkers nudged Gett and Jelly, they were fixed to the screen,

They awoke from their fixed state.

"I agree, what we saw was spooky." Jelly and Bonkers turned to Gett, they waited for his opinion.

Chapter 2: The FaultEdit

The gang were inside Flippy's office, after stating the problem, Flippy was baffeled, Gett and Bonkers and drew a picture up, while Jelly looked at the T.O.O.N scheldule, it looked strange. He got K22 to study it, no problems, bar a fake barcode, even K22 was bewilded.

"What do you think?" asked Bonkers.

"I say you should watch and see if anything else happens." Flippy suggested.

"Are you sure?" asked Jelly. He was leaning on the desk and threw the schedule into the rubbish.

"I think that they should investigate, but first, you need to see if there are any more faults, if there is......" began K22.

"We watch some more TV?" sighed Bonkers.

The gang found themselves at the Super Toon base, but they were not looking at the TV, Bonkers was figuring out if their was any subliminal messages encoded in the programs. Jelly was stuiding the TV programs, while Gett was looking the variety of programs.

"Gett, Jelly, found anything?" asked Bonkers looking up from his desk.

"Nope..." sighed Gett and Jelly.

"Neither have I......." Bonkers said.

"What do we do now?" asked Jelly.

"BREAKING NEWS!" The TV screeched. Everyone turned to face the TV. "We have to shut down the station for a while, 'trouble' is brewing. Bonkers gave a cheesy grin and they all jumped over the sofa and exited the base.

Chapter 3: Inside the HQEdit

Bonkers, Gett and Jelly walked up to the T.O.O.N Broadcasting Agency HQ, keycards in hand. They were welcomed by a shy Toon, he welcomed them and ushered them inside.

T.O.O.N Broadcasting Angency bldg

"Welcome to the T.O.O.N Broadcasting Agency HQ, we hope you enjoy your visit!" He said.

"Thanks, nice place you've got here!" Bonkers commented.

"It's an honour!" The shy Toon said. "To meet you in person!"

"Thanks." Bonkers replied.

"So, when did you have this built?" asked Jelly.

"A few days ago, we had lots of Toons to help." explained the shy Toon.

"So, when are we going to start getting invited?" asked Gett.

"In a few days, I reckon you lot would get chosen." The Shy Toon said.

The Toon lead them into a large room, a tall Toon was standing at the front of the room, a glass window shon his reflection, he turned and smiled.

"Bonkers! How good to see you! Pleased to meet you - Sir Henry Mcnugget. Owner of this establishment!" He gave a grin and told the other Toon to go. "Please, sit down Gentlemen."

"So," Jelly began whilst sitting down, " Do you have educational programs?"

"Yes." Sir Henry nodded and clicked his fingers. Gett watched as Sir Henry was given a glass of lemonade. He sipped it and took a breath. "I reckon our programs are very well chosen."
"Can you explain this?" asked Bonkers, he handed Sir Henry the picture he sketched of the problem.

Sir Henry studied it, he gave a look and shaked his head solemly. "Never seen it." His face went blank for a second, Jelly gave him a look.

"Anyway, would you like to see a program in action?" asked Sir Henry.

"Delighted!" Bonkers smiled. Gett and Jelly agreed and Henry led them all through several doors and eventually into one named:

Studio 12

Gett and Jelly looked around, they were stunned, as was Bonkers.

"Places everyone!" ordered a Toon he was in a rush and then he went to talk to a bystanding Too. He noticed Bonkers, Jelly and Gett on the other side of the room, he was going to drive them away, but he see Sir Henry was there, (aka: his boss).

"Sir Henry! Delighted to see you sir!" He smiled.

"Yes, these are some visitors, I am sure you recongise this trio." Sir Henry grinned and Bonkers took his hand out, waiting for the Toon to accept it.

"Ah, the Super Toons if I am not mistaken! Honour! An honour!" The Toon shook his Bonkers' hand and led them over to the centre of the studio.

Chapter 4: Live!Edit

"LIVE IN 5..., 4...., 3..., 2.... 1!"

"Welcome to Toony Truths! With me, Paul Silver!" Paul Silver gave his trademark, bright shining smile. "Here are our Toons wanting to tell the truth! Miss Loopen and Miss Lanpop!" Miss Lanpop stood and waved to the audience, they cheered and Miss Loopen was quietly sitting beside her, silently staring into space. Bonkers wondered, he scratched his chin and began to question something, Gett and Jelly nudged Bonkers.

"Bonkers, I think that Miss Loopen has something....." Jelly struggled to think of a appropriate word.

"Odd?" Gett suggested.

"Yes, odd about her, she isn't that happy to be on TV, I would!" Jelly finished his sentence and Bonkers nodded.

"I agree, I mean, imagine if we got onto TV........." Bonkers, Gett and Jelly continued watching.

"So, are you both ready to tell the truth?!" Paul Silver shouted.

"Yeah!" Miss Lanpop answered, Loopen nodded.

"OK, well I am sure you know how this works, you both answer the question, if your telling the truth according to our lie detector, you will get more Jellybeans! If you lie, you shall lose your beans that you've got!" Paul Silver then continued. "Question One: Which person took over Flippy as mayor in 2011, but then got removed from office?"

The contestants wrote down their answers and held them up, both got Thorn Flandell, followed by a succesful ding.

Bonkers was looking at the seats, Miss Loopen's was perfectly fine, whilst Miss Lanpop's was all rugged and torn. It became the final round and the bright lights had been dimmed, personally, Bonkers, Gett and Jelly hadn't understood the game, if it was about truth, why not truthful questions?

"So, Miss Lanpop, this is your final question: Do you like Cogs?" asked Paul Silver. She took a moment to adjust to the question, she answered.

"No." She shook her head and a ding followed.

"THATS RIGHT! YOU'VE WON! BUT WILL MISS LOOPEN MATCH UP?!" Paul Silver asked his question to Loopen. "Have you ever stole anything?"

"No." A buzz followed and Loopen's eyes were full of fire, she attacked Paul Silver, Bonkers tried to help but the director shouted cut and the television show was stopped, Jelly and Gett tried to help but Sir Henry was horrified, he pulled them back and Loopen ran out of the studio door, grabbing Bonkers and he was crushed onto the floor, his face was scratched and Sir Henry and the Director were distraught.

Chapter 5: InvestigationEdit

Bonkers, Gett and Jelly were walking down a corridor, they didn't have happy faces, Sir Henry was worried and he tried to make them happy. Bonkers opened a door and everyone inside the room looked at him sheepishly, Jelly and Gett followed behind.

"Date?" asked Gett. Bonkers nodded.

"Then we've got it!" Jelly exclaimed.

"OK, Sir Henry, a word in your office please." Bonkers said. Sir Henry nodded.


"So, your programs, they are controlled?" asked Bonkers.

"Yes, if this is about what happened earlier..." began Sir Henry.

"No, Jelly and I have just watched another program in which the host behaved erraticly. In the same way that Miss Loopen did." Bonkers came closer and he whispered: "I think something is wrong...."

"I assure you, nothing is wrong!" protested Sir Henry. "But, by all means, if you want to investigate, please take some time in our lounge."

"Fine, we'll be half an hour." Bonkers said.

Bonkers, Gett and Jelly were in the Director's lounge, they knew something was wrong. But what?

"OK, have you got the reports?" asked Bonkers to Gett.

"Yep, Jelly have you got the list of presenters?" asked Gett.

"Check. Strange though, all of them apart from Paul Silver were found in a camp near Bossbot HQ." Jelly studied his list for a minute, he then nodded.

"OK, so we've got our evidence, it's time to go to Sir Henry!" Bonkers led the way but he stuggled to open the door. It was stuck. "It won't budge!"

"Here," Jelly stepped forward. "Let me help you," Jelly tugged with Bonkers and Gett also helped. Bonkers looked behind him and said:

"Jelly, Gett, look!" A hole opened in the floor, Bonkers was suddenly lifted off the ground and was dragged into the hole.

"BONKERS!" cried Gett and Jelly. They grabbed hold of his hand but they slipped and the trapdoor closed.

Chapter 6: The TruthEdit

Jelly and Gett were took into Sir Henry's office.

"Finally gentlemen, we can finally talk without your leader." Sir Henry turned around and gave a evil smile.

"What have you done with Bonkers?!" demmanded Jelly.

"You were right, there was something wrong with our programing, observe." Sir Henry pressed a button and Jelly and Gett watched in horror as millions of hosts ripped off their skins and they turned into bloodish creatures.

"What have you done....?" asked Gett.

"We have took over Toontown! EVERY TOON SHALL BE DESTROYED!" Sir Henry laughed. "Bonkers shall now take part in a show, where he shall never return............"

"You won't get away with this," informed Jelly as he and Gett were tied to the wall.

"I will, and right now, every host shall devour their guests!"


Bonkers was in a dark room, he saw a light, someone stepped forwards.

"Bonkers, are you ready to play?" The deep voice asked.

"Where am I?" asked Bonkers. "What do you mean, ready to play?"

"Your Bonkers the bunny and you're on the Toon Maze!" The light grew and the whole room was lit up.

"Oh No, no no no no, this means your, your..... Lackson Jackan."

"You know the rules I take it?" questioned Lackson.

"Yes... But I don't want to play!" sighed Bonkers.

"Of course you do, you applied!" lied Jackson.

"Fine, I'll play, but if I win, you'll release me from this madhouse!"


"As you can see, Bonkers is running through the Toon Maze, Cogs are about to come his way to crush him!" Sir Henry came closer to Jelly. "Don't you just love a good chase?"

"What is at the end of that maze?!" asked Jelly, he tugged his chains.

"You'll find out soon enough, but now all Toons are watching themselves being destroyed!" Sir Henry chuckled.

"You stole Toon bodies, didn't you!" Gett said. Sir Henry nodded and then turned and watched Bonkers.


Bonkers was panting, Cogs were chasing him, Bonkers sneaked behind a wall and the Cogs fell down a large hole...... Bonkers rested for a minute and got his breath back, to his amazement, the floor was making a distinctive noise: it was boobytrapped with spikes, Bonkers jumped and ran, he noticed something, the walls were closing in. Meanwhile Jelly and Gett couldn't take it, they looked in horror as Bonkers was crushed by the spikes..........

Chapter 7: The PitEdit

Flippy and K22 were watching the TV screen, Bonkers was on it, Flippy now knew that Bonkers was right, K22 and he rushed out of Toon Hall. Meanwhile.......

"Not again!" sighed Bonkers, rubbing his head.

"There he is! Hold him!" A voice ordered, it was Miss Loopen. She was looking at Bonkers and Bonkers fell silent, he couldn't move. He found the courage to speak.

"Loopen, I take it your not a happy Toon, eh?" joked Bonkers.

"No Bonkers. You have been sent here for one reason: to meet our leader!" Loopen began. "Meet Yankana!" Bonkers could see, only infront of him, he saw the most hidious creature he'd ever seen,




"What has happened to Bonkers? Why has the camera stopped broadcasting?" asked Gett.

Sir Henry made no attenion to the question.

"We shall invade Toontown soon, and every Toon shall be destroyed, the Wagshan convention demannded that Toontown be destroyed!" Sir Henry looked up and stretched out his arms they both touched two buttons. They brought up a hologram of Toontown, a destroyed Toontown.

"This is what will become of Toontown! How could you?!" Jelly shouted.

"This is only the beginning, observe." Gett and Jelly saw Cogs enslaved and the remains of Toons scattered around.


"Oh hello, Yanaka, fancy a snack?" asked Bonkers.

"BONKERS, YOU MUST BE DESTROYED." It growled. "I have no time for fun and games, Toons must be sent to me!"

"So let me get this straight, the hosts attack their guests, the guests get sent to you or something and then kazam! But what I want to know is," Bonkers continued. "What about shows without guests?"


"I see, so why do you want me?" asked Bonkers.

"We need you to create our ship!" stated Loopen.

Chapter 8: NoohiEdit

"Here we are K22, the HQ, we need to find Bonkers, everyone in here is mad!" Flippy said.

"Indeed Mayor Flippy," A Toon said, he ripped off his skin and tossed it out the window, he started to chase Flippy and K22.

"Sir, get out of the way!" ordered K22. He fired a laser at the creature, it slopped onto the floor. Then, Flippy and K22 ran into Sir Henry's office.

"Flippy! K22!" cried Gett.

"Good to see you, K22 get those chains off!" ordered Flippy. K22 shot a laser bolt through the hard metal rod and it melted like cold ice cream.

"Cheers." Jelly smiled.

"Mayor Flippy, and K22, come to rescue Bonkers, have we?" joked Henry.

"I knew something like this would happen!" Flippy sighed.

"It's too late now, it is time! Time for Bonkers to be devoured by our lord Yanaka!" Sir Henry laughed and the gang gazed at the creature, Bonkers was enslaved, making some sort of pod.

"It's an escape ship, your making pods to escape whilst.. oh no!" K22 gulped. "What is your plan?!"

"To get our hosts to devour the whole of Toontown, starting with you!" Sir Henry clicked his fingers and K22 laser was disabled, millions of creatures came hounding through.

"What are you?!" demmanded Jelly.

"We are the Noohi. We must destroy!" Sir Henry took off his Toon suit and became one of the creatures.


"I can't do it!" panted Bonkers. "It's impossible!"

"YOU WILL CONTINUE!" Loopen ordered. "Observe Bonkers," A big screen came rolling out, displaying the gang being held hostage by some sort of creatures.

"Let them go!" ordered Bonkers.

"Not until you complete your perpose!" Loopen said.

Bonkers kept working, he had made loads of pods. Almost enough to fill the entire race. As he kept sweating through his work, he looked at the screen, he had to do this....


"Wait!" ordered Jelly. "Before you destroy us," He nodded to K22. "Do you wish to have a lecture on how else you could defeat us?"

"No, we do not!" answered Sir Henry.

"Tough!" said Jelly. "Cos I am gonna tell you! If you ever wanna win a battle, if you want your plan to suceed, if you trust your self, if you have some sence, you should know one thing not to do - don't put the Super Toons in it, cos we'll just beat ya!" K22 pressed a button and he, Jelly, Gett and Flippy dissappeared.

"Grr! After them you fools, lock onto their location!" ordered Sir Henry.

Chapter 9: Together AgainEdit

Bonkers suddenly saw a bright light, the gang appeared right infront of him and Bonkers perked up instantly.

"How did you lot get here?!" asked Bonkers joyfully.

"Thanks for the welcome!" joked Flippy.

"Good to see you, may I introduce you to the Yanaka?" asked Bonkers.


"As you can see," Loopen begun. Jelly and Gett eyed her and sighed. "Bonkers has made us lots of escape pods, we can finally escape, whilst the Yanaka remains here until all of Toontown is devoured!"

"So you just scuttle off?" asked Gett.


"You can't do this!" demmanded Flippy.

"Watch, this is in Toontown Central," The gang watched as Toontown Central was set ablaze with smoke, the Noohi were laughing as Toons were ducking behind buildings.

"This is horrible, listen, just leave now and we'll say no more!" said Bonkers.

"We decline, war is fun." Loopen laughed so hard that she was about to fall over

"Then, I am so sorry, but I'll have to make you." Bonkers held up a device. "Self destruct, leave or the whole thing goes BOOM!"


"I would!!" "I WILL NOT LET YOU WIN BONKERS!" screamed the Yanaka. It turned to Loopen and said: "START THE PODS, GATHER THE NOOHI!"

"Wait!" ordered Flippy.

"WHAT?!" demmanded the Yanaka.

"I have back up coming, they will destroy this building!" Flippy said and then gulped.

"Too bad," Loopen began. "Our Troops shall kill them!"

"I won't let you...." Bonkers sighed.

"Nether will we!" Gett and Jelly said.

"Us too!" said Flippy and K22.

"Oh really?!" snorted Sir Henry. "Bonkers, aww your're all here! READY TO DESTROY!" Noohi came out behind him, they took aim and began to fire.

"When I say duck," Bonkers whispered. "Duck!"

"Fire!" Sir Henry ordered.



Chapter 10: Smoke and FireEdit

Bonkers, Flippy, Jelly, Gett and K22 were running from the dusty, engulging smoke surrounding them,

Laser bolts could be heard behind them, they were running for their lives, but unfortunatly, the exits were blocked, their was one way though: Through the Television studios....

They all ran through Toony Truths, as fast as they could. Bonkers panted for breath, cameras and spotlights flashed on them, everyone in Toontown could see them. Gun shots were heard, Sir Henry and Loopen were blocked by debris, they died in pain. Jelly, Flippy, Gett and K22 escaped, Bonkers tried to reach his hand out of the door....

Bonkers staggered out, the building decended into the ground, nothing remained, nothing exsited, they were buried under the ground.

"What will we do for TV now?" asked Flippy.

"Old channels Flippy, old channels."


The Super Toons sat back in their base watching the TV, how good it was just to relax without evil monsters.

"So..." began Gett. "Will this sort of thing ever happen again?"

"I don't think so." Bonkers smiled. "Besides, if it does, we'll take care of it!"