this page is for a new "series" of Cogs called the Suits. they have 3 Categories:

SadBots Edit

Mr. Sad LV. 1-5

Crybaby LV. 2-6

Scarred Bob LV. 3-7

Wua Wua Wuaaa! LV. 4-8

BOSS: The BooHoo (B.H.)

TalentBots Edit

Gymnastic LV. 1-5

Long Jumper LV. 2-6

Moviestar LV. 3-7

Lucky Lucy LV. 4-8

BOSS: the RingMaster (R.M.)

BucksBots Edit

Greedy LV. 1-5

Richman LV. 2-6

Producer LV. 3-7

Chief Of Police LV. 4-8

BOSS: Cashy McMonneyBag$ (C.M.M.)

The SLM Edit

The SLM, or the Suited Lord Melvin, is boss of the suits. this guy is much like Mr. Hollywood. his moves, you ask? well... before that, you should know, he is part of the Elite Suits, witch there is 3 of them.

LV: 75

HP: 5852

Moves Edit

Earthquake - Damage: 100-130

SkelloSuit Summon - Summons a SkelloSuit, LV. 35-40 (only knows 10 Aces which does about 30-55 Damage.)

Suit-affy - Makes you have a suit, which makes you not attack for 1 Turn.

Unknown Suit Attack - Damage: all LP of 1 Toon.

so... Yeah.

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