Prologue Edit

After Toontown's closing in 2013, Mr. Waffle and Jim were sepperated. Though they could find eachother on fourms and such, they never could actually play something together. Jim didnt get WASD on Minecraft, Mr. Waffle was confused on how to jump in Terraria, and Club penguin is... Well, it's best not to speak my opinion right here. Especially with potential fans of it here or something.

Anyways, they both eventually found out about Toontown Rewritten, the new Toontown. The only problem with it was that they could never get a time together. Little did they know that an invasion was coming. A terrible invasion... An invasion of...


Chapter 1 Edit

After several attempts to get a similar time, Mr. Waffle and Jim both got on at the near-same time. Jim had gotten on ten minutes before Mr. Waffle, meaning that Jim had already nearly died of boredom due to Toontorial Tom. While Mr. Waffle was taking the tutorial, he was relieved there was no sign whatsoever of logs, goons, or slackers.

Yet something still seemed off.

Maybe I'll find out whats off when I go to Toontown Central. Mr. Waffle thought to himself.

Toontorial Tom, seeming to have telepathy maniacally laughed and told Mr. Waffle he'd never escape. However, this was normal behavior for Tom. Slightly more scared of Tom than he once was, Mr. Waffle swiftly made it through the Toontorial, meeting Jim right in front of the Trolley.

"I've been waiting." Jim said.

Mr. Waffle sighed.

"Sorry. It's just that Tom kind of went insane on me." he told Jim

Then, a brown and blue dog walked over to the two.

"hi i'm roger dog, but you can call me roger dog for short." the dog said.

Jim snickered a little.

"Okay, Roger Dog. Want to go onto the trolley with us?" Jim asked.

Roger shook his head.

"no. i need to go find a friend. his name is roger dog. have you seen him?" Roger asked the two.

Mr. Waffle was kind of startled. He had predicted something was off, and he saw that something was off.

"Okay. Have fun with that." Jim said without even answering the question.

Roger walked off anyways, as if not even noticing that Jim didnt answer his question.

"Any idea who that was?" Mr. Waffle asked.

Jim shrugged.

"Likely some person looking for their friend... who had the same name as them." Jim said.

Mr. Waffle shook his head.

"No, it has to be more than that. Alot more than that. Why would there be a random toon named Roger Dog looking for another toon named Roger Dog?" Mr. Waffle asked.

Jim was stumped.

"Good point," he said, hopping onto the trolley, "But lets not dwell on it."

Mr. Waffle hopped onto the trolley with Jim and they got their jellybeans, had another boring lecture, and went back to Toon HQ for another task.

Chapter 2 Edit

Before Jim and Mr. Waffle went into Toon HQ, they saw Roger Dog walk into it. They didn't think much of it until they noticed Roger wasnt in the HQ anymore.

There was only a horse named Gary.

"Have you seen a mysterious dog?" Mr. Waffle asked.

Gary shook his head.

"No. I just walked in." Gary responded.

Jim looked at Mr. Waffle.

"Maybe Gary came in from the other side." Jim said.

Mr. Waffle nodded.


But then wheres Roger Dog? Mr. Waffle thought to himself.

After Mr. Waffle and Jim talked to the HQ officers, the horse mysteriously vanished into thin air. Poof. Like it was never there.

"Well then." Jim said.

Mr. Waffle was confused. This was much more odd than the Log Invasions, and even Goontown!

"What ever is going on, I bet Roger Dog is behind it." Mr. Waffle said.

After doing a few more tasks, as well as going sad after a random The Mingler invasion happened. Then they went to Bliss Bayou to play some Trolley games and get their gags back.

Afterwards, they were disconnected due to an update.

Chapter 3 Edit

What?... Why is my toon a dog? Mr. Waffle thought.

Mr. Waffle's toon had randomly become a dog after he logged back in after the update. Aswell as many other toons. And they were all named the same thing-

Roger Dog.

"Mr. Waffle?! Where are you?" a Roger Dog asked.

Mr. Waffle looked at the Roger Dog.

"Are you Jim?" Mr. Waffle asked.

"No," Roger dog said, "I'm Flippy. Are you Mr. Waffle?"

Mr. Waffle had to smile. Flippy had come to him before in his time of need, and he had come to Mr. Waffle again.

"Yes." Mr. Waffle said.

Flippy looked around.

"Alright. Now wheres Roger Dog? We need to find him." Flippy said.

Mr. Waffle looked around.

"Well, we're all Roger Dog. If you mean who is the MAIN Roger Dog, I have no idea." Mr. Waffle told Flippy.

Flippy sighed.

"Well, where do you think Roger Dog will be, then?" Flippy asked.

Mr. Waffle had searched throughout Toontown for any suspicious hiding spots in the new Toontown. There was one area that was quite peculiar. That area was the Mystery Tunnel.

"How about the mystery tunnel?" Mr. Waffle suggested.

Flippy nodded.

"Yes. That HAS to be Roger's lair!" he said.

So Flippy and Mr. Waffle ran off to the Mystery Tunnel. When they walked in, they ran right back out.

"What?..." Flippy asked.

Mr. Waffle sighed.

"The mystery tunnel; the biggest mystery ever in Toontown." Mr. Waffle said.

Flippy looked around.

"The game isnt fully patched yet... Know any glitches?" Flippy asked.

Mr. Waffle told Flippy all of the glitches he knew about. Flippy suddenly had an idea.

"We can do the Acorn Acres one to get to a waterfall so that we can find the door!" Flippy told Mr. Waffle.

Mr. Waffle nodded.

"Amazing what you can find out when you get out of your office for a few hours."

Chapter 4 Edit

When they got to the waterfall, Flippy started to act weird.

"Well, all we need to do is find a door!" Flippy said.

Mr. Waffle raised an eyebrow.

"How do you know how Roger Dog's secret hideout is hidden?" Mr. Waffle asked.

Flippy shrugged.

"Maybe it's in my programming," he said.

Mr. Waffle just went with it because he trusted the Roger Dog who said his name was Flippy.

"Ooo! a password! I'm good with passwords! Lets see... A dog with long floppy ears and a hat... the password is hi." Mr. Waffle said very quickly.

Flippy stared at Mr. Waffle and typed in "hi", which was accepted and the door opened.

"Maybe YOUR the one whos Roger Dog here." Flippy said.

Mr. Waffle shook his head.

"Last time I checked, I was me. I just have a skill that helps me crack passwords easier. Learning Python in your spare time helps." Mr. Waffle said.

Flippy just looked Mr. Waffle.

"Uhh... okay." Flippy spoke.

And they went through the doors behind the waterfall.

Chapter 5 Edit

Once they were behind the doors, Mr. Waffle turned back into Mr. Waffle, but Flippy didn't turn into Flippy. Then, the doors closed.

"Mr. Waffle! You've come to save me!" Flippy shouted from the back of the room.

Roger Dog was behind Mr. Waffle, and that is a very good position to be in if you want to hurt somebody. And Roger Dog was feeling quite malice towards Mr. Waffle and the rest of Toontown.

"Yeah I ha-"

"LOOK OUT!" Flippy yelled.

Mr. Waffle had just barely evaded Roger Dog's attack.

"so i have revealed myself. thats pretty cool i guess. first time im an antagonist." Roger Dog said.

Flippy looked at Roger Dog for a few seconds.

"You've been the antagonist for this story." Flippy told Roger Dog.

"yeah. thats why its pretty cool i guess." Roger Dog responded.

"So, how are you going to fall?" Mr. Waffle asked.

Roger Dog smirked.

"ATTACK!" he yelled.

At that moment, a group of 4 level 11 V2.0 Corporate Raiders flew from a table where they were sitting and the game started to get serious.

Mr. Waffle decided to lure the cogs, which worked. Then he threw a wedding cake, which destroyed them all. None of the cogs even got a chance to attack. Mr. Waffle dropped a toontanic on the remaining skelecogs, which destroyed them.

Then, a group of level 12 V2.0 The Big Cheeses flew from their table. Mr. Waffle lured them with hypno goggles, which worked again. Afterwards, Mr. Waffle took all the cogs out with a geyser, a big magnet, and a round of Storm Clouds. All of them turned to Skelecogs and Mr. Waffle had taken 48 damage.

Mr. Waffle then used a Railroad Track, which he made organic. Then, he used his last pair of hypno goggles and all of the Skelecogs went down.

"well, your better at fighting cogs than i thought you were." Roger Dog said.

Roger Dog sighed.

"take your flippy and go."

Mr. Waffle ran over to the cage.

"Flippy! Yay! Time to get you back to Toon Hall!" Mr. Waffle said.

Then, a cage appeared under Mr. Waffle and then he was suspended into the air in a cage.

Chapter 6 Edit

"i can not let you end the invasion, mister waffle." Roger Dog said.

Luckily, Mr. Waffle was an experienced Welder. (You might not want to ask him why, though) Mr. Waffle took out his welding iron and melted the iron bars trapping him. The cage crashed to the ground.

"can i have atleast a millisecond of peace?!" Roger Dog yelled.

Mr. Waffle was suddenly in a very sarcastic mood.

"No." he said to Roger Dog.

Flippy was still in a cage, so Mr. Waffle also welded away the metal cage that bound him. Flippy's cage crashed to the ground and shattered.

"Where'd you learn to weld?" Flippy asked.

Mr. Waffle looked away.

"It's not important." he told Flippy.

Roger Dog was sad.

"fine. call off my invasion." he said.

Mr. Waffle smirked.

"Or we can call off the invasion but keep you running around." Mr. Waffle suggested to Roger Dog.

Flippy was astounded.


Mr. Waffle pondered it.

"Yeah. Call off the invasion and throw him in the playline." Mr. Waffle said.

Roger Dog freaked out.

"but i have a beta key!" he said.

Flippy looked at Roger Dog.

"Well, it's being revoked." Flippy said.

And then Roger Dog was thrown into the depths of the playline.

Epilogue Edit

After Roger Dog was thrown into the playline, everything became normal again and Roger Dog was given a "special" spot in the playline. But still, Flippy wondered why Mr. Waffle knew how to weld. Toons don't know metal skills.

And then, Flippy came to a conclusion on why.

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