One great day, toontown turned into goontown! You wanna know how!? Toontown accidently pressed the "G" button instead of the "T" button because the G button is right below the T button! When people logged in, they noticed they were goons! Then, they were brought to the Sellbot Warehouse! Toons starting attacking the warehouse and smashing all the goons. But one goon had an epic but strange battle...

Part 1 (Goon Meets Toon)Edit

A toon decided to do a factory solo. The goon was aware of this and annoyed because he'd get squished by the same ol stomper AGAIN like last time. When the toon came to the warehouse, he saw the goon. ":O HI RANDOM GOON THAT IM GOING TO POUND TO SMITHERINES!", the toon said. The goon groaned as he got disabled for the MILLIONTH time!

Part 2 (Goon Calls Friends)Edit

While the toon was fighting, our friend goon called 9 of his friends to help defeat the toon. They all came and gaurded the lead goon. They then set up a laff drainer attack for when the toon stops battling the cogs. "We'll teach that toon what for!", one of the goons said. The toon finnally finished fighting the cogs and the goons started walking and acting like nothing had happened.

Part 3 (Toon Wants To Fight Goon)Edit

"ME WANT TO CRUSH GOONS!", the toon started. "AND ME WANT TO STEAL GOON HEAD", he finished. "Wow, that toon is not as smart as we were when we were toons.", the lead goon said. "He must be a goon because toons and goons switched places", another goon said. The toon crushed every goon around the lead goon. He did this for a certain reason...

Part 4 (Toon Fights Goon)Edit

"TOON... STOMP... ON... GOON...", the toon said as if he had no brain. The toon decided to run into the goon which caused the toon to say, "PIE GO FLY" while the pie splatted right on the goons face. Then the goon stomped on the goon. Then, the goon got pro- "Will you be quiet for a while, narrator!?" Ok. ......................................................... Promoted to a red goon who destroyed the toon. Then, toontown went down for maintence.


After toontown was up again, the goons logged on to find out they were toons again! They were so happy that toontown didnt type goontown! Then, the toons had a huge par- "ENOUGH ALREADY, NARRATOR!!!!" Ok, sorry. I was just telling a st- "WE DONT CARE!!!"

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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