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1.1 Stolen

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1.2 Recovery

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1.3 TBA

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1.4 TBA

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1.5 TBA

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1.6 TBA

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Things to note:

  • Everything is dialogue
  • During an Action, the lines will be [Bracketed]
  • Naming a Place/Time will be italicized

"Stolen" - BackgroundEdit

Background DetailsEdit

  • Silhouette of Character introduction: "???"
  • Character introduction: Butler the Backstabber
  • Character(s) introduction: The Elite Cogs
    • The Mingler, [Downsizer, Penny Pincher, Spin Doctor, Micromanager, Mover & Shaker - these members not mentioned but are in the story]
  • Cog appearances: Backstabber
  • Character introduction: Flippy
  • Character introduction: Lil Oldman
  • Character introduction: Eve
  • Doodle introduction: TNT
  • Playground introduction: Toontown Central
  • Cog-ground introduction: Silhouette Isle

"Stolen" - StoryEdit

Silhouette Isle offset Toontown - Donald's Dock - @ 9:30 P.M. (2100 hours)

  • "???" - [Calling for Butler the Backstabber] Butler! Come here this instant!
  • Butler - [Entering room] Y-yes sir! You called?
  • "???" - Send out the Elite Cogs. I'd like to show the Toons who's boss. [Wickedly smiles]
  • Butler - [Confused] T-the Elite C-cogs?! Are you serious?! They're the most terrifying Cogs in this organization! They handle problems that are too extreme for normal Cogs! Are you sure you want to send them out?
  • "???" - [Yells] Are you disobeying an order?! Send out the Elite Cogs! Tell them... steal the Gags from Gag-Trucks. Without the Gags, I'll be most powerful! [Wickedly smiles again]
  • Butler - Y-yes sir! [Leaves room to request the Elite Cogs into a mission]

On a street in Toontown Central @ 10:20 P.M. (~2200 hours)

[Gag-Truck driving through the street while delivering Gags to the Gag Shop]

[Mysteriously, Truck receives flat tire; Truck leans to the left]

  • Toon: H-huh? What's going on? [Surprised] Darn flat tire! Now how in the world did this happen?
  • ??? (unknown character) - Well, we're here to steal all these Gags in this truck. [The Mingler shows herself from the shadows, revealing to be ??? (unknown character) along with other members of the Elite Cogs] Hope you don't mind. Well, have fun! [Laughs and flies away]
  • Toon: [Yelling] NO! You can't take these! They're for the Gag Shop!
  • The Mingler: [While flying] Too bad! I'm only here to complete a mission given by the boss ("???"). Now, tell your "leader" or something that we've stolen the Gags and will continue stealing them. [Leaves area]
  • Toon: [Terrified] Oh, man! The clerks aren't gonna like this! [Frowns]

Toon Hall @ 9:45 A.M. (~900 hours)

  • Flippy: [In meeting with Toon Council Lil Oldman and other members] Anything to discuss today? What shall we improve?
  • Lil Oldman: I say we give more hard Toontasks! These Toons need a challenge!
  • Crowd talking simultaneously: What? Hard Toontasks? Blah blah blah! [Council member shrieks] WHAT!? THIS RABBIT IS INSANE!?!
  • [Lil Oldman widely smiles]
  • Flippy: Errhmm.... Anything else?
  • Toon (Gag-Truck driver): [Walks into meeting room; Tired and worried] Last night,... t-t-the... Cogs... stole... the Gags!
  • Crowd talking simultaneously: What? Stolen Gags? Blah blah blah! [Council member shrieks... again] WHAT!? LIL OLDMAN, DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH THIS?! AHA! I SEE YOU'RE TRYING TO WEAR US DOWN, HUH?!
  • Lil Oldman: I "would" do that... but I never did anything.
  • Flippy: [Worried; talking to Toon] What are you trying to say man?! Did you say the Cogs stole some Gags?!
  • Toon (Gag-Truck driver): Y-yes! While delivering Gags to this playground's Gag shop, they snuck up behind me! Boy, did they take all those Gags! I recall them saying that they would continue stealing the Gags from other Gag-Trucks.
  • Flippy: This isn't good. This war is at stake. We must recover those Gags immediately! I'll inform the Gag Shop about this. [Leaves meeting room]

On a street in Toontown Central @ Noon

  • Eve: [Riding on a Toon-a-cycle (toonified version of a motorcycle) with doodle TNT] Wooohh!! Yeah! Can't wait to defeat those nasty Cogs!!!! But first, I need to get those Gags to defeat them!

Silhouette Isle @ 10:30 P.M. (2200 hours)

  • The Mingler - [Entering room] Sir, we've managed to collect every Gags from every playground. Their resources are diminishing as of now.
  • "???" - Excellent. But, that's not enough to bring those pesky Toons down! [Chuckles]

End of Story 1.1

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