Cm botsybola1The Rewrite Man is a Cinemabot. He is the weakest cog on the Cinemabot Corporate Ladder. The Rewrite Man is Levels 1 to Level 5. He can also be a Version 1.3 Cog. He has the strongest attack for a weak ranked cog. The Rewrite Men can be commonly found roaming Robber Road. These are also seen in the Manager Battle and seen roaming in CMHQ.
ReWrtoa mancmbot

Starting PhrasesEdit

  • "This will only take a second."
  • "Let me rewrite the script."
  • "I am the strongest first ranked cog."
  • "And they lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER? Eww, time to rewrite this!"
  • "Reversable script I suppose, let me just rewrite it for you."
  • "Let me in on this scene."
  • "I take note on everything."
  • "This will go in the cap files, so make it SHINE!"

The Rewrite Man's cog moves
Levels: 12345
Erase 1-22-3556-10


Name Phrase(s)

Lvl 1
(6 HP)

Lvl 2
(12 HP)

Lvl 3
(20 HP)

Lvl 4
(30 HP)

Lvl 5
(42 HP)


"You look erasable."

"Eh, this doesn't go well with the story, let me erase this."

"Erase'er up."

"Oh, it should be; the princess killed the prince, I put the princess kissed the prince, let me erase that."

"There's a pencil mark on you."

"Remember to erase any mistakes."

"Watch out for the eraser peelings."

"Erasers can be quite powerful."

"Toon! You shall be erased!"

4 6 7 8 9

"I'm going to rewrite this on you."

"Are we right? Not quite, Let's rewrite!"

"This isn't right."

"This may hurt a bit."

"I was the reporter of this scene."

6 7 14 14 15
Buzz Word

"You should "B" more careful."

"Looks like you have a bad case of hives."

"Can you catch on to this?"

"Careful, you're about to get stung."

"Reporting news, a toon hasn't been buzzing in to save the day."

2 3 3 5 7

"This won't look good on your books.'"

"You're about to suffer some losses."

"I'm looking for some dividends."

"You can forget about a bonus."

'"his is going to hurt your bottom line."

I'll shuffle your accounts around."''

"You must account for your losses."

"I'm telling!"

"Time to balance the books."

5 5 8 9 10


  • The rewrite man is another term for a newspaper reporter who works in the office, not on the street, taking information reported by others and crafting it into stories. It is rarely used as an actual title. The term rewrite man is something of a misnomer. Some are women, of course. Rewrite men do not just "rewrite". They take notes gathered by on-the-scene-reporters, information gathered by telephone, or from wire services or clippings from other newspapers, and write articles.

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