Main Story:

The Pie War was a brutal war between the Tooneks, the Cog-Men, and the Pie Lords, it lasted from 2003-2013, when Toontown had to shut down due to too much cogs invading for a new home. the tooneks had thought to be extinct, but 4 Tooneks had survived, Special Weapons Toonek Cat, Toonek Bear, Toonek Dog, and Toonek Pig, they're known as the Pie War Survivors, they travel all over the Tooniverse to find a new planet, they're enemy is the cogs, the Cog-Leader had issued a Cog Extinction, which Outdated Cogs were destroyed and parts were transformed into Cog-Men, an other enemy of the Tooneks is The Flippy, who has 9 regenerations, and the only surviving Pie Lord from The Pie War, he has the TROLLEY, which is a time traveling trolley, but usually disguised as a trolley for mini-games, The Flippy is currently in his 1st form, Flippy Dog, who is going around finding the Tooneks and destroy them.

Toonek Story:

A Toonek is a hydrid of a toon and a Dalek, they come in many forms and almost feared in the Tooniverse.

with their Zappers,Plungers, and armor, they nearly can't be killed, they're leader is the Special Weapons Toonek Cat, he is with the other three surviving Tooneks, Toonek Dog, Toonek Pig, Toonek Bear. they hate the Cog-Men as the Cog Men declared war on the Tooneks for attacking Cog-Men planet:

Cog-Men Story:

Cog-Men are upgraded and improved versions of cogs, they have lazers, improved armor, and can't be harmed by gags, they are at war with the Tooneks, they tried to make the Cogs Extinct for being outdated, but Rodrick Smiles and his Cog friends, survived the Extinction of Cogs, and are hiding on a site called Toonbook

Pie Lord Story:

Pie Lords are endangered types of the Tooniverse, they have two silly meters. They are mastered pie experts, and rarely, a pie lord is born, mastered with time traveling, The Flippy is the only Pie Lord left,and mastered with Time Travel, he is in his 1st Form.

Pie Lord Civillian Book:

I had come out from my destroyed house, looking for cover and avoid being seen by Cog-Men or Tooneks, I had no food, no drink, nothing, I was on my own, I found a place to be in with cover from the Tooneks and Cog Men, but a Toonek spotted me, I had ran fast and covered a hole before he zapped, missing me, and blowing up nothing, I stayed there for years, I was 5,000 years old in 2013, when the planet go...

The Flippy:I am one of the remaining Pie Lords, I had escape the war with my TROLLEY, in my eyes, it was horrible, I hate the Tooneks and Cog-Men, simply because they don't have any other emotion except Hate, My Pie Squirter helps me with what I do today, the Pie War is a war I'll never forget, I am The Flippy.

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