This is a story that intertwines with After Toontown if you'd like you can read that story first but Slash currently only makes a brief appearence in it.

Chapter 1 September 18Edit

A blue rabbit with a light blue shirt and light blue shorts is in bed asleep. His alarm goes off and he wakes up. He gets up and checks the calendar rubs his eyes and checks again. Its September 18. He leaves the house and checks his mail there is a note it says: Your invited to the games! Anyone who manages to get out without being killed will get multiple jellybeans and will get out of toontown before it closes. Games begin at 2:00 pm. The rabbit then checks the sheet that is paper clipped to the back of it, It was an entry form! He picked it up and filled it out and sent it to the address listed. And waited till he got a reply. You have been accepted for the games i will teleport you there now! The note that Slash got said. Slash was teleported there and assigned a team then the leaders showed up. A green dog walked into the team 5 row (that's slashes team) and looked at the rest of the teammates. He then rolled his eyes "None of you are good enough to even stay alive through the first round." A blue cat walked up and yelled "We are too!" The dog quickly grabbed his machete out of its sheath and used it to stab it through the cats stomach. The cat dropped to the ground and a weird purple gelatoneaous goo dropped on her dissolving her right on the spot. Slash grabbed his katana and knocked the machette out of the green dogs hands the green dog looked at him revealing his name tag it said Croc. Slash put his katana back in its sheath and walked to the starting line where him and his team began with a running start. As they ran forward they saw multiple other toons were running forward. Croc was trying to eliminate the other toons that were on the team. Slash slowed down a bit until he was running at the same speed as Croc. "Stop getting rid of our other teammates!" Slash yelled. Croc smirked then pulled out a machette. Slash drew his katana. The two were running forward and they were fighting at the same time. Slash got his arm cut open but he wouldn't let that stop him. Slash kicked Croc in the stomach and Croc fell over. Slash sped up. These robots were shooting dip but it was different. It was a goo and it was purple. Slash saw another blue rabbit. She was wearing a green skirt and a pink shirt with a flower on it. Her name was Summer Flower. The rest of her team was lagging behind or they were already eliminated. Slash saw some of the purple goo coming straight at her. Slash ran over and pushed her out of the way. The goo nicked his foot. It burned. "Ow..." He said landing. It wasn't a life ending wound but it rendered his right foot completely useless for a long while. Slash was only able to use one foot but Summer Flower helped him run forward. They arrived at the end of the room. There was one door. Slash opened it and saw a camp. There were two tents and a campfire that was already lit. Summer Flower helped Slash into his tent and sat down by him. "Thanks for the help back there.." Summer said blushing a little bit. "Um.. no problem.." Slash said. He was never thought that he would be this nervous or this shy when he was talking to her. Summer looked at the ground for a bit then said "My name is Summer Flower but you can call me Summer." Slash looked down at the ground and said "My name is Slash." Summer smiled than stood up. "Im going to get some rest." She said. Slash nodded. Just my luck. Slash thought while he looked down at the ground. As soon as Toontown closes im thrown into a death game and just when i meet a girl i get to shy and nervous to do anything! Slash flopped down on the bottom of the tent. He sighed. Looking over at one side of the tent he slowly drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 2 A NightmareEdit

Summer woke up screaming. "It was just a dream.. just a dream..." she said to her self quietly. Slash jumped up when he heard the screaming and ran over to the next tent the best that he could. "What's wrong!" He screamed. "I.. just had a nightmare.. thats all.. im fine." Slash nodded and sighed. "Hey um.." Summer said blushing hard. "W-would you stay in here with me...?" Slash's eyes widened. "Well.. sure.." Slash said walking over to her bed. He lied down by her. Summer looked over at him and smiled. Slash didn't know what to do. This was awkward for him. He had never had this happen to him. "Are you nervous?" Summer asked. "Yeah a little bit. I guess." Slash said. Summer smiled and closed her eyes. Slash did the same and fell asleep. Summer opened her eyes. She saw that Slash was asleep. Blushing she wrapped her arm around him. She fell asleep. In the morning Slash woke up. He noticed that Summer was hugging him. Slash carefully moved her hand off and walked outside. Summer woke up and walked outside also. "Um sorry about last night. I was expecting to be awake first." Summer said. "Its no big deal." Slash said. Summer nodded and said "Should we continue?" Slash nodded and pulled out his katana. There was rumbling. "A storm is coming in. We shouldn't have a problem though. I trained in the rain." Summer was confused. How could someone train in the rain if they lived in Toontown? "How?" Slash looked over his shoulder. "I'm not from Toontown.. we don't have alot of time. Lets just get going." Summer felt bad. "Yeah lets just get going." The two took off running. Summer tripped. Slash dived into the mud and caught her. "Um.. thanks." Summer said. "No problem." Slash said. He wandered into the next room with Summer. There was a gigantic spider there. "I.... hate.. spiders..." Slash mumbled. Summer looked over at him. They must have set this up, but how would they know what people were afraid of? Slash drew his katana and closed his eyes. "I have to just face my fear if im going to get through this." Slash said. Summer nodded "What do you use to fight?" Slash asked. "I just use my fists, but i have specail things that i can do." Summer said smirking. "Alright. Lets finish this quickly." Summer nodded and charged in. "Flaming fists of fury!" Summer yelled. Her fists began flaming. "Wha.. What!?" Slash said astonished his eyes wide open.  Summer punched the oversized spider directly in the face.  Slash saw this as his chance to charge in and attack. He ran forward with his sword pointing directly up. Running right underneath the spider Slash sliced the spider open. It fell and it began to smoke. This smoke wasn't normal though, it was purple smoke. "You alright?" Summer asked landing right next to Slash. Slash felt lightheaded but he nodded. He fell over. "Slash!" Summer yelled catching him before he hit the ground. He was still breathing. Thankfully he was alright. Summer set him down slowly and looked around. There was another toon there. Summer clenched her fist and waited until she could see who it was. It was an orange cat. His name was Colonel Barney Bananabee. "What do you want?" Summer yelled. "I was just thrown in here. I don't want anything." He yelled back. Summer nodded and sat down. "Who's that person?" Colonel asked pointing to Slash. "His name is Slash." Summer said closing her eyes. "My name is Summer Flower." She said. Colonel nodded and sat down by her. "Should i try to help?" He asked. Summer looked over at him. "If you can do anything please try." She said sighing. Colonel put his hands on Slash's chest and his hands began to glow. Summer looked at Slash hoping he would wake up soon. Slash's eyes opened and he immediately pulled out his katana. "Slash he's a good guy!" Summer yelled quickly. Slash sheathed his weapon and stood up. "Sorry about that. I'm Slash." he said standing up. He stuck a hand out to Colonel. Colonel took it and Slash helped him up. "I'm Colonel Barney Bananabee" He said upon standing. "Lets get going. I want to get to the next area soon." Everybody nodded and began running.

Chapter 3 Re-meeting the Enemy Edit

Slash, Colonel, and Summer continued to the next area. There was alot of lights and the area looked like and arena. Then the sky lit up. Team Slash VS Team Croc! It said. Croc and another group of toons walked up. It was every species of toon but they were all green. "You..." Slash said walking forward drawing his sword. Croc laughed and everyone else on his side drew their weapons. Colonel stood back and yelled "I'll do ranged!" Slash turned "Alright." A battle was ready to unfold. Slash charged forward at Croc. Both of them drew their weapons and their swords collided. Both of them struggled for the upper-hand meanwhile Summer charged forward at the other toons. Her fists lit on fire and she punched at each toon that was in her range. Colonel began to murmur words to himself and as he murmured them spells began to charge between his hands. "Fire!" He screamed hitting the green pig on the other team with a large blast of fire. Croc pushed back Slash's blade and stabbed him in the arm. He screamed in pain. His fur turned gold and his eyes and gloves went black. Two stripes of black on each side of his face appeared as his clothed went black. "What the..." Croc said stumbling backwards. Slash ignored the pain in his arm and picked up his katana with his left hand. Croc cowered in fear. The green cat on his team jumped in front of him. "Run!" She yelled. "No.. Don't!" Croc yelled "Just shut up and run!" The cat boomed. Slash knocked her out of the way and drew closer to Croc. Slash's sword crashed down onto the ground. His machete went flying over toward the cat. She picked it up and charged at Slash. Slash was then stabbed in the back. His fur turned back to normal along with his clothes and he fell onto the ground. "Slash!" Summer yelled charging toward him. "Lightning!" Colonel screamed making lightning strike the cat. The cat went flying backwards into a wall. Summer dropped onto her knees by Slash. A tear formed in her eye. Slash... was dead. Summer couldn't believe it. Angrily Summer charged at the cat. The cat stood and was punched straight in the stomach. She went flying into the air. Blood fell down the clear sky. Colonel looked at Summer terrified. "We will continue. After we finish we will find the creator and force him to revive Slash. If he or she cannot they will die." Summer said continuing. Colonel waited for a minute and then continued. Did Slash really mean that much to her? Colonel thought. Or was that just because she was his friend? Colonel shook his head and continued. There was no way that he was going to let this get him killed. If he didn't survive his family would die. He joined this death game just to help his family. Why was he so stupid? Why would someone create something to get everyone out of Toontown before it closed without killing off people? Summer mumbled to herself. "There is no way this actually happened. No possible way." She mumbled. She was looking down and she ran into a door. She opened it and there was a strange fog rolling near the floor. "So you made it." Someone said. The voice sounded like it was behind her and she turned around. The door was gone along with Colonel. She saw Slash. She ran as fast as she could to him. "I may feel solid here but im actually dead. Im a ghost that has a solid form." Slash said. "I really don't care as long as you are here." Slash smiled and hugged her. Summer was crying. "Hey hey.. don't cry.." Slash said. "Theres no reason to cry." Summer fell asleep. Slash set her down. "Theres no way that she will be getting out of here.." He said sadly. "But... shes happy.. Croc isn't dead.." Slash turned around and sat down by Summer. She woke up. "Slash.." she said sitting up. "Yeah?" He asked turning. "I.. I love you.." She said. Slash turned around and Summer kissed him on the lips. Slash's eyes widened and slowly and then all at once his eyes closed. This was amazing. He never thought that she liked him this much. He may have been a ghost but he still had feelings. He closed his eyes and hoped that Colonel would be alright. 

Chapter 4 A Land of Crushed DreamsEdit

Colonel walked to the door. It opened to an empty room. I only have so much magic power left. He thought. If i use magic again for another fight then i may run out. But if i use a spell tome i won't. He reached into his pouch that he had thrown over his shoulder. He pulled out a yellow book with a lightning bolt on the front. He wandered into the room and opened the book. Skeletal toons dropped from the roof. One landed to the right of Colonel. He turned. "Whirlwind!" He screamed aiming his hand toward him. The skeleton was captured in a small tornado. They had swords. One charged at him and he rolled forward. Another one was behind him. It slashed forward at him. He ducked just in time for it to hit the other that had attacked him a second ago. "At this rate i'm not going to make it!" He yelled. "Magi Blade!" He yelled extending his hand upward. A blue glowing sword appeared in his hand. He slashed downward at a skeleton as a shield appeared in his left hand. Another toon wandered into the room. He was a tall blue mouse with black clothes. He had a bow. Loading an arrow into the bow he launched it into the head of a skeleton. He shot some more all making head shots. Colonel and the mouse both finished off the skeletons and Colonel yelled "Who are you?" The mouse threw his bow over his shoulder and said "My name is Nightshade. What's yours?" Colonel's sword and shield disappeared from his hands and he said "I'm Colonel Barney Bananabee" Nightshade nodded and continued forward. Colonel put his spell tome back into his pouch and followed him. The next room was dark. Colonel picked up his hand and put it in front of his face. He couldn't see it. "Fire!" He yelled. A ball of fire lit in his hand. He could see around himself. He placed the ball of fire on the ground. It lit up a large area and then he saw something he never thought he would see. There was a dark Slash in front of him. Dark Slash charged at Colonel "Magi Blade!" Colonel yelled. The sword appeared in his hand just in time. Colonel blocked Slash's blow. The two began swinging at each other blocking and swinging. Slash's sword shattered. Colonel stabbed him in the chest and he disappeared. Colonel turned and saw the rest of his opponents. Dark Summer, Dark Colonel, Dark Nightshade, Dark Croc, and dark forms of all of Crocs team. "I'm not gonna make it..." Colonel said. The clones all charged at Colonel and right before they hit Nightshade jumped in the way. He picked up his bow and blocked the attacks with the blade. Colonel charged in and took out his dark self and Dark Nightshade. Nightshade began to take out shadow clones until Colonel was hit by Dark Summer. Colonel went flying upward and went face first into the ceiling. He fell and hit the ground. Nightshade charged forward and swung repeatadly at Dark Summer until she disappeared. Breathing heavily Colonel stood up and his Magi Blade disappeared. "I used up too much energy back there... Thanks for the help back there. If you wouldn't have come running in i wouldn't have made it." Colonel said. Nightshade looked at him and nodded. There was rustling behind them. Colonel quickly pulled out his spell tome and Nightshade loaded and arrow in his bow. Nightshade's eyes widened and he fell the the ground. Colonel was scared. What was going on? Why did he just fall like that?" Colonel quickly turned and kicked behind him. A toon appeared and went flying into a wall. He was cloaked. His cloak was purple and had deep red flames at the bottom.  Colonel charged toward him and charged a spell in his hand. He tackled the toon and put his hand at the toon's neck. The toon's hood fell and revealed an orange rabbit. "Who are you?" Colonel asked angrily. "I am Demise." Demise said.

Chapter 5 A Battle With DeathEdit

Demise kicked upwards at Colonel and knocked him back. Colonel stood up quickly and began to run back at Demise. Demise unsheathed a dagger that was in his pocket. As soon as Demise swung Colonel did a backflip and landed on his feet. What? He knew what i was going to do.. Demise thought. "Before you were even going to do it?" Colonel said. Demise's eyes widened. Colonel laughed. His fur turned red and black flames appeared from his shoulders down to his wrists. "Magi Blade!" Colonel yelled. The blade appeared in his hand and he charged forward. Colonel swung at Demise. Demise blocked it with his dagger. "Your better than i thought, but you need to see that i can predict any move before you can make it. Lets finish this battle." Colonel smirked. Nightshade struggled to his feet. Loading an arrow in his bow he closed one eye and aimed at Demise. The arrow launched from his bow and hit Demise directly in the head. Demise tumbled back onto the ground. Colonel looked over and nodded with a slight smile. Nightshade heard rustling behind him. Turning he shot the toon that jumped out from the shadows. "M..My laff.. It..Its almost at zero... please.. don't.... let me... die.." The toon said. Nightshade signaled Colonel to stand back. "How do i know i can trust you, after all you are a green horse that was with Croc." Colonlel said. Nightshade loaded another arrow and aimed it at the toon. Croc jumped out behind Nightshade. Nightshade shot the horse and he disappeared as a sparkiling light. Nightshade rolled out of the way of Croc's attack and shot him in the arm. Croc fell and swung his sword at Nightshade. Nightshade jumped and loaded another arrow into Croc. Croc was in emmence pain. The green cat ran out of the shadows and screamed "Stop! Please!" She ran over to Croc. Croc smiled. "J-just leave... I.. don't need to.. continue.. Eliza.. Leave.. now." Eliza shook her head with a tear in her eye. "Please! Somebody heal him!" Colonel stepped forward. He began to heal Croc. "Ugh.. I make much of a difference. I used up alot of energy in the fight against Demise." Eliza placed her hands on Colonel's "Use mine. I'll transfer some to you." The two healed Croc. When Croc stood up he sheathed his sword and stuck out his hand to Colonel. "You healed me so.. i guess you won't be in my sights. I was put in here by the grandmaster. He switched my name to Croc. My real name is Cody. Nice to not kill you i guess." Colonel laughed and shook Croc's hand. "Im still gonna call you Croc." Croc laughed and said "Alright. Lets finish this." Demise stood up. "Its funny you think an arrow to the head will kill me. He pushed his arms out and a black orb appeared around him. "What!?" Colonel yelled. Demise pushed him arm infront of him at the group of toons. Everyone went flying backwards. Colonel stood. Eliza grabbed Croc's hand and grabbed a knife. Croc drew his sword along with Colonel. Nightshade put an arrow in his bow and aimed it at Demise. Demise laughed. All of them charged forward. Nightshade shot arrow after arrow at Demise. Demise knocked them out of the air. Demise laughed. "You can't kill me! I am death itself! I will take all of you!" He yelled. Slash appeared. That large orb attack had brought him back. He didn't understand how, but he went with it. "If your death than i should be able to fight you." He said his voice echoing in the room. "Not if your alive!" He screamed. He shot something at Slash. He hit the ground and skidded. He barely managed to stand. "How.. How am i alive!" Slash screamed. Demise laughed and said "If I am death, than I can control who is alive and who is dead. Welcome back to The Games." Demise laughed. "You seprerated me from Summer. Now i will fight for her!" Slash yelled. His fur went gold and his gloves and eyes went black. Two black stripes appeared on both of his cheeks. "Its time to kill death."

Chapter 6 Fighting For Your FreindsEdit

Demise smirked at the sight of Monster Mode Slash. Slash charged forward and backflipped out of the way of Demise's knife when he swung it. Slash swung repeatadly at Demise. "You will not plauge this world any longer!" Slash yelled. His sword began to glow. Demise's eyes widened. Slash stuck his sword in the air. "This will be your end! Firey Slash!" He yelled swinging downwards at Demise. A ray of light cut through Demise. He fell to the ground and purple smoke arose from his body. "You.. have won.." He said. He disappeared. Slash turned toward Croc. "Now there is only one person left to defeat." Slash said. "He's with us!" Colonel yelled jumping in the way. Nightshade nodded. Slash sheathed his sword and he went back to normal. Slash opened the door to the next room. He walked in. It was bright and there were shining lights. A toon walked forward. "I am the Grandmaster. You have learned too much about The Games. In an attempt to kill you i sent Demise but you seem to have bested him. Now it seems that i have to kill all of you. It isn't fair but if you go on spreading what is behind this i will be ordered to execution. Say your goodbyes. But.. If you wish you can bring back one missing or diseased player." Slash walked forward and said "I choose Summer Flower. Bring her back here. Now." The Grandmaster laughed and put Summer Flower in the room. "There is your choice. Have fun battling my drones, but they will be the last thing you will see." Drones appeared. They were small and blue, with cannons and gatling guns attached to it. The heroes drew their weapons. The drones began to fire. Slash tried blocking bullets and eventually was shot in the leg. Colonel opened his spell tome and his arms transformed. They were vines. He streched vines around everybody. "I may die doing this but.. It will keep you guys safe for a while." Colonel said. Vines sprouted from his back. The vines grabbed drones and smashed them together. After a little while all of the drones were defeated. Colonel turned back to normal and collapsed. "Well there is one less toon to worry about." The Grandmaster said laughing. "Now to finish the rest of you off..." Slash ran forward at The Grandmaster, ignoring the pain in his leg. "Your gonna die today!" Slash yelled as he drew his sword. The Grandmaster's eyes turned completely blue and he punched Slash in the stomache. Slash fell to the ground. "That.. wasn't...the smartest... of me..." He said holding his stomache. Croc ran forward at The Grandmaster as fast as he could as he drew his sword. The Grandmaster laughed as he stuck out his arm. Croc was launched back at the wall. Nightshade shot arrows repeatadly at The Grandmaster. Each arrow would be destroyed. The Grandmaster reached out and caught one of the arrows. "I don't think thats the smartest thing to do." The Grandmaster said. He turned and launched an arrow at Nightshade and it hit him in the knee. There was a large crashing sound as Summer walked into the room. Her fists were flaming. "You have hurt my freinds. Now you're gonna pay!" She yelled running forward. She punched at The Grandmaster and he caught it. Summer put more power into it, along with more rage. She yelled as she pushed as hard as she could and pushed his hand back. There was a large explosion and the group of toons woke up in a open feild.

Chapter 7 Crossing FeildEdit

Slash stared at the blue sky. "He's not dead." He said finally. Everybody looked over at him. "What?" Summer asked. "The Grandmaster isn't dead. He had a spell charging. He knew that you were going to come and try to kill him. It's actually a pretty smart move on his part." Summer was confused. "But we just finished him back there!" She said, now angry. "No." Colonel said trying not to pass out. "I sensed a sort of magic going on in the background. I tried to tell you guys but my spells wouldn't work." Slash looked all around himself. "Well it looks like we are going to be here for a while. Anybody have a smart idea on how to get out?" He said sheathing his sword and checking the status of his gear. "Nobodies gear is in shape to go try to kill out way out of here. If we get hit even once that could be it for us." Nightshade said. "This room is reviving everybody. Do you think that this room is where the Grandmaster is storing dead people?" Slash looked off into the distance. "If so then we could see Demise again. For all we know there could be groups of toons hiding out here ready to kill new arrivials for gear." He said. Summer looked over and said, "Well if so then we need to be on the lookout. Lets set up some areas for everybody to stay for the night. Lets leave first thing in the morning" Summer said with her hand on Slash's shoulder. Slash stood up and unsheathed his sword. "I'm going to go scout out the areas around he-.." Slash said. There was rumbling and a gigantic hand came down. It picked up Slash and flicked him in the head. Do to the hand having an emmense ammount of power and it being gigantic, Slash was knocked out. He was carried away. Summer ran forward and jumped, barely being able to grab onto the hand's pinkie. She went up with the hand. The hand hit a docking bay and Summer jumped off. The hand turned into a normal hand with a spell. A man walked over and picked the hand up, screwing it onto his arm. "We've got one of the kids with the monster." The man said. "Dombia, you said you would tell me what this story is all about once we got him." Another man said with a ciggerette in his mouth. "Verywell Carven. This story is a doozy though, so sit back and relax for a bit." Carven nodded and sat down in a chair conveinentlty placed behind him. "Long ago there was a village. It was very peacefull. Nobody had major issues with anything. But one day the peace was disruppted. A monster showed up. It looked like a wolf. It was yellow and had black stripes all over it's body. The toons in the village didn't know what to do. Then everyone found a solution. The village's seven sages all met up and got on tall roofs surrounding the monster. They all cast a spell. The spell broke the monster into seven parts. All of these parts were stored within seven innocent toons. The toons were sent to Toontown in the chaos. Apparently, now that all of the toons are getting to the age, the monster is wrestling free. When these toons get angry enough they unleash the monster. The world will be in danger if we do not extract the monster from them. But the sad part is.. it's very dangerous to extract a part of the monster. It could kill them." Dombia said. Carven nodded. It was a very interesting story, eventhough it sounded so untrue. Dombia stood up with Slash over his shoulder. Carven also stood up. They proceeded into a room and Summer followed them.

Chapter 8 Slash Is A Monster?Edit

"Its sad that is has to be this way." Dombia said, strapping Slash into a machine. Carven looked over. "There are seven of them right? We only have one. Also what are we going to do with the part of the monster once we extract it?" He said. Dombia rolled his eyes. "It will all come in time." He said. Summer tiptoed in. Ducking behind a desk she continued to listen to the conversation. "This isn't very fair to these people. It's not their fault that they have this happening to them." Carven said. "Trust me. It's dangerous to have these toons with monsters in them running around. They are dangerous. If the monster breaks out of the body it can re-seal itself back in the toon with darkness rather then light. When darkness enters the body, there is no telling when someone might go berserk." Summer walked out from behind the desk. "He isn't dangerous." Summer said. Dombia and Carven turned around. "Slash saved me twice, then saved a room full of people. There isn't anything dangerous about him."  Dombia turned his head. "Is that so? There isn't any telling if you are just trying to defend him because he is your friend." He said. Summer clenched her fists. "Do you really think that he is destructive?" Summer yelled. "Yes, I think he is very dangerous. I'm not one-hundred percent sure you aren't dangerous either. I will now begin the process of extraction." Dombia said, lifting his hand. "You touch that switch I kill you." Slash said, openeing his eyes. "I never would kill an innocent person, no matter how much this monster tries." He unstrapped himself from the machine. Dombia looked at him. "Fine. If you really are as heroic as you say, then surely you would be willing to go try to find another part of the monster, correct?" He said with a slight grin on his face. Slash nodded. "You better belive that i'm going to." Dombia nodded and walked over to another machine. "Now then, there is a group of four toons that all have high possibilities of being someone with a part of the monster. I'm going to send you there and you will find the one with the monster, inform us of his name and location, and then we will bring you back. A simple task right?" He said, placing his hand on a machine. Slash nodded then Dombia said, "Now, heres the catch. The Grandmaster is going to do anything to try to find you and bring you back into The Games or kill you." Dombia said. "We killed him." Summer said. "No you did not. He did not die. That was his terrain. You only battled him on it. If you haven't noticed yet each and every hit you made on him were fake. He made it look like you were hitting him and that you defeated him, but you have only fallen directly into his hands." Dombia said, motioning Slash over to him. "That is your task. Complete it and i will not kill you."  Dombia strapped Slash's arm down onto the machine and pressed a few buttons. Slash disappeared in a flash of light. "Do you think he'll make it?" Carven asked, walking over. "He probably will pass this initiation. If he does we can count on the chance that we might actually destroy this monster, and possibly figure out how to bring down The Grandmaster." 

Chapter 9 Welcome to the New ToontownEdit

Slash woke up in Toontown Central. He looked around still half asleep. He pressed his finger to an earpeice that Dombia had given to him. What do you need, Slash? The earpeice chimed in it's automated voice. "I need the date." Slash said. The date is September 19th 2013, three minutes until Toontown Online closes. The earpeice said. Slash nodded and shut down the earpeice. Slash turned and ran over to the library. He ducked behind one of the pillars. A short brown dog, a short yellow cat, a short purple rabbit, and a tall green dog walked into the playground from Toon Hall. They all stood near the tunnels. "King, you and Cheetah are going to cover Punchline Place." The tall green dog said. The brown dog and the yellow cat nodded. "You ready King?" The cat asked, grabbing onto the dog's arm. "Yeah." King said. "Jazzy, you need to cover Silly Street." The green dog said, motioning toward the purple rabbit. Jazzy nodded. "King Fritz? Do you think that we are actually going to be able to cover this playground?" King Fritz nodded. "Even if we don't, we need to go down with a fight. We will protect Toontown." All of the toons cheered. All of the toons split up. Slash walked into the middle of Toontown Central. He closed his eyes. Deciding to go down Punchline Place, Slash drew his sword and continued down the path infront of him. He walked onto the street. Climbing up the side of a building, he looked down at King and Cheetah. There were multiple toons coming down the street towards them. One of them. One of those two has a part of the monster! Slash thought. He looked up to the sky where he saw many cogs coming from above. "Toontown Online is now closed." Slash's earpiece chimed. Slash ran forward and jumped off the side of the building, landing on and stabbing an unsuspecting cog. Another toon ran forward. He was a blue dog with square glasses on. He was Slash's height and blue. The dog ran forward. He drew a sword and blocked a cog attack. "You need to leave! Now! Go to Boingy Bay!" Slash looked at the dog as he also blocked and attack. "No! I am strong enough to take this! " Slash yelled. "If i don't help then multiple people will die!" The dog cringed. "Fine! I'm Captain Chipper Megabumble." The dog said. "I'm Slash." Slash said pushing back a cog and swinging at it. Seven cogs approached Captain and Slash from behind. "Eat Ninja Star!" A voice screamed. A gigantic ninja star went spinning towards the seven. The star tore through the cogs and they all exploded. During the explosion the toon who screamed dropped down. Some pink hair flew out of her face. She was a pink rabbit, a little bit taller then Slash. She wore a pink top and a pink skirt. She caught the ninja star and it shrunk. She put it in a pouch and drew two swords. "I'm May Flower. Lets take care of these cogs while we still can." She said. Slash stared at her and nodded. Slash snapped back to reality and turned to see a cog nearing him. He stabbed it in the stomache. Captain swung at three cogs at once, striking them all. "You guys hold them off here! I'm going to head farther down the street!" He yelled running up the side of a building. "Right!" Slash and May yelled. The two fought cogs as much as they could. A cog ran forwards towards May from the back. One also ran from the front. Two ran at her towards the sides. Slash stabbed the one to her left and ran forward and attempted to push her out of the way. There was a glowing light around the two of them and they disappeared.

Chapter 10 May FlowerEdit

The two fell on the ground of the flight hangar. Slash held his head and looked up at Dombia. "I know, I know. I should have been following the two that had a possibility of being the one with the monster, but i had to keep the cogs from killing those people back there!" Slash yelled. "No, no thats perfectly fine. This earpeice has all the data we need." Dombia said. "But what we pulled you back for was her." Dombia said pointing to the, just now gaining consciousness, May Flower. "Summer's sister, May Flower." Summer's eyes grew wide and she ran over to May. She hugged her while she fought back tears. "Now Slash, I know who the one with the monster is. King. I'm going to send you back with May. She is the only one who doesn't have to adapt to the conditions of traveling to Toontown from The Games and vice versa." Dombia said, pressing buttons on the machine in the corner. "We need you to knock out King and take him back to us. As soon as you have him in your possesion we will teleport you back, no matter if you are missing someone or not." Slash nodded and was teleported back into Toontown Central with May. The two were both behind a pillar of the bank. They looked over to where the four toons from earlier were. King Fritz was taken down. "May. The three that are left are going to run. I need you to throw a ninja star at those cogs once the toons run." Slash said. May took out a ninja star and it grew to a gigantic size. She aimed at the cogs. Like Slash had predicted, the toons ran. May threw her ninja star at the cogs. The cogs all went flying backwards and hit the ground, exploding. May caught her ninja star and it returned to it's original state. May looked over at Slash and smiled. "Ta-dah!" She said, putting the ninja star back in her pocket. Slash laughed and pulled out his portable hole. He threw it to the ground and said, "Jump!" May shrugged and jumped into the hole. Slash jumped in after her. They both ended up at Slash's estate. Rain fell on them. "Wait, what is this?" May said, sticking out her arms at the rain fell on her. "It's rain. I train in it all the time. It makes it easier to battle in dry land. It also proves usefull for the Brrrgh." Slash said. May looked at Slash. Slash looked back at her. May just stared. Once she noticed what she was doing she blushed and looked away. Slash was confused on what just happened and also looked away. "Here, follow me inside." Slash said, taking May's hand. The two walked in to see something astounding. The floor of Slash's estate was completely sand. The walls were complete ocean. It looked extremely cool. There was nothing holding the water back though, so when May reached out to see if there was anything, she got quite a bit of water on her hand. "Let's have a sparring match. I'll use my sword and you can use any of your arsenal. Deal?" Slash said. May looked over. "Sure." She said jumping back and drawing her swords. Slash drew his sword and readied himself. He charged forward and May blocked the attack off of one sword. She swung at his feet. He jumped and pushed back May's sword. He pointed his sword at her neck. May looked at him and dropped her swords. She silently grabbed some nunchucks. She spun them and hit Slash in the face. He fell back and swung up, tangling the chains up on his sword. May grabbed one of her swords and knocked Slash's sword out of his hand and pointed her sword at his neck. Slash raised his hands. "Okay, okay. You win." Slash said. He sat down and May sat down also. May smiled and stuck out her hand. "Good game." She said. Slash took her hand and shook it. "Good game."

Chapter 11 Lets Find King.  Edit

Slash stood up. "Lets get King." He said. May nodded and stood up. "Hey Slash..." She said. Slash turned and looked at May. "Yeah?" He asked picking up his sword while he slid the nunchucks off of it. "I.. um... I.. like you." She said. She walked forward, in a half giggle and hugged Slash. "Uh.. Lets just go.. and get King." He said, sheathing his sword. He walked out of his estate and the two teleported to Toontown Central.

"I see the one you were speaking of." A man in a black hooded robe said. "Slash?" The Grandmaster asked, focused on a ball of glowing light that showed them what was going on with him. "Yes, the one that broke the system."

"Careful Xaxanios, there is a possibility that he can hear us."

"He is weak."

"Yet, he destroyed the all perfect system."

"Ah, yes. Explain to me once again, how did he do that, exactly?"

"He has a fragment of the monster within him. He unleashed it and the program was thrown off of track."

"There is only one toon left in The Games. The others were a large group. That effected us."

"I know. That toon must be distracted. Killed if needed."

"We cannot yet reveal to him that he is weak. We can not yet kill him. We are luring both of the toons with a fragment together. They soon shall be united."

"Good. Once they are we can get them both."

"Be careful when you go to get them, Grandmaster. That dog has great potential inside of him. If we do not win here there is a posibility that we will be overthrown when they find eachother."

"Why take such a risk? Can we not take back Slash then get the dog?"

"No. When they are united there is a possiblility they will unite the monsters."

"I will do my best, Xaxanios. We shall take them both."

"I put my faith in you. Now, good luck."

"Thank you sir."

Chapter 12 The Plot of MonstersEdit

Slash and May arrived in Toontown Central. They looked around. "The color.. Is gone.." Slash said. "How did they do so much destruction this fast?" May looked over to Slash. Slash was confused. "I hear something..." She said. There was a toon lurking in the shadows. "They are here.. They are here.. Save us from them... You are not worthy!" The toon screamed. He had no weapon. He ran forward and punched Slash's hand. Slash's grip loosened and he lost his sword. He picked up his fists and held them infront of his face. The toon was a red.. Dragon? I don't know what's going on.. but whatever it is, it isn't good. Slash thought. The dragon ran forward and almost hit Slash. Slash dashed backwards and flipped backwards to avoid the two slashes the dragon let out. Slash drew his sword and swung at the dragon. The dragon caught the sword with his claws and pulled it out of Slash's hand. May threw a giant-sized ninja star at the dragon and pulled out two katanas. The dragon was caught off guard and was hit, going spirling back into a pole of the bank. Slash hit the ground and stood up. "This guy is unreal!" May ran forward and flipped up into the air, going down for a kick. The dragon picked its arms up to block the attack and Slash grabbed his sword. He turned and stabbed the dragon in the back, it screamed in pain. It grabbed the sword and attemped to pull it out. May flipped upside down and put her swords together. She spirialed downwards and spun until she hit the dragon. Slash pulled out his sword and the dragon fell over. Slash was breatheing heavily. May stood, trying not to fall down. "We.. need to figure out where King is.." Slash said. May nodded. Slash stood up. A toon took a step behind Slash. He turned around quickly and the toon was King. "King. I need you to come with me." Slash said sticking out his hand. King drew his sword without a word. A blade shot out of the bottom of the handle of the sword and King grabbed the handle with his other hand. The handle seperated into two and the two open sides had blades shoot out of them. "I'm not here to hurt you. I just need you to come with me." Slash said taking a few steps forward. King swung at him and Slash jumped backwards, rolling away. "Fine then. I'll actually try." Slash said drawing his sword. Slash ran forward and rolled underneath a few swings. He slashed upwards and was grabbed. Someone, or something behind him clubbed him in the head. With the few seconds he had before he was knocked out, he saw King turn into a shadow and fade. Slash was clubbed again and passed out. He awoke in a chamber. He shook his head and looked around. He was in some kind of a tube thing. He was shocked and a cog walked out of a passage way. "Slashbots are now functioning." A voice said.

Chapter 13 The SlashbotsEdit

Slashbots? Slash thought. Why was he being used for a type of cog? He was very confused at the moment, first he is sent to the past, then he brings someone from the past to the future, then he is captured by someone in the past. If he was to escape, he would have to track down King again. It wasn't going to be fun either way. Slash broke out of the machine as King ran into the building. He and Cheetah ran over to another toon that was there. Slash ran forward and sliced King's arm and was punched in the face. "OW!" Slash yelled. King ran forward and pointed a sword to his neck. "Who are you?" King demanded. "I'm Slash!" Slash yelled. "Slash as in Slashbots?" King asked. "Yes and no. The Slashbots are modeled after me but i'm not a bot." Slash said."Bandage your arm up the Loan Sharks are gonna smell the blood!" The other toon said. When he said that Loan Sharks entered the room. "Well Well what do we have here? A few toons getting in the way of the Canine and Slash Bot making process? Not for much longer!" One of the Loan Sharks said "Step aside i'm going to handle this." A cog said walking into the cell areas. "Why are you here?" King said angrily "You expected me do just give up after my best worker went missing?" The cog said then proceding to pick Cheetah up by the neck. "No i would never do that." A portal then opened up next to the cog and it threw her into it then walking into it himself. "No!" King yelled trying to grab the cog's arm missing and going face first into the floor knocking himself out. "Lets get out of here!" Captain said getting slash out of the building. The two ran. "Where's May?" Captain yelled. "I don't know! I was captured, now I can't find her!" Slash yelled. "But I have a guess at where she would be!" 


"Getting cogs made from her skills!" Captain nodded, and took off directly for Toontown Central. 

Chapter 14 The New BotEdit

Slash arrived at a Toon HQ in Toontown Central. He kicked the door down and drew his sword. There were multiple tubes filled with a strange liquid, most likely something to keep them from awaking while they were put in suits. Slash wandered forward. Cogs crept up behind them. Another toon dropped from the roof, silently landing. He had a scythe. He ran forward and let out three slices that destroyed the cogs. Slash and Captain turned around and the three toons were ambushed. Slash didn't care who the oon was at the moment, just that he was on their side. The toon was a short orange cat with a long sleeved black shirt and long black sweats. Slash stabbed a cog, and Captain stabbed the one behind him. The cat toon took on seven at once. In less than a minute, the cogs were reduced to nothing. "Thank you very much." Slash said to the cat. "Don't mention it. I'm Tigerfang." A clan toon? Why would he wield a scythe? Slash thought. "I'm Slash." Slash said. The two shook hands. "We're looking for a pink rabbit. Have you seen her?" Slash asked. "Um.. yep. May Flower is her name, right?" Tigerfang said with a tilt of the head. "Mhm." Captain hummed. Tigerfang led them to the machine May was in. Slash pressed some buttons on a panel and the chamber opened. May fell out. She coughed a bit, her whole body soaked, but there was no liquid in the chamber. Slash helped her up, she couldn't stand. Slash picked her up, even if he had her arm over his shoulder, May wouldn't be able to move forward. "We need to get her somewhere safe." Slash said. forward. "We need to get her somewhere safe." Slash said. Slash carried her out. "I'll be back in a bit, you two stay here and hold off cogs." Slash said. Captain and Tigerfang nodded. Slash walked outside and put two fingers to his earpiece. "I need to teleport back." He said.  Slash was teleported back to the aircraft. "She's hurt. We need to heal her." Slash said upon arrival. Dombia took May from Slash's arms. "She's just knocked out. Nothing to fear. She just needs a little bit of rest. " He said. Slash nodded. Summer sat with her head down. "Wait, what's wrong with Summer?" Slash asked. "She's on her own mission. I sent her inside a large compilation of memories from the day the village was attacked by a monster. She wanted to further understand what happened upon that day. I want you to bring those people with you to the aircraft. There are memories I need to sent your group in too."

Chapter 15 A Foul RemembranceEdit

Summer stood in a village. All the shops and buildings were made of wood. It was 6 p.m. A small blue rabbit toon in yellow clothing ran forward, past Summer. He looked five. A group of three toons, who were eleven or twelve chased him. Summer turned. "Get back here, Slash!" One of the older toons yelled. Summer began to walk towards the other toons, who had just chased Slash into an alleyway. "Hey, leave him alone." Summer said. The other three toons turned. "What are you gonna do about it?" The one in the middle smirked. Summer's fist lit on fire. "You're gonna get a face full of flames if you don't knock it off." She said. "He's a nuciance, we gotta get rid of people like that." He said. The other two drew their swords."Take another step towards Slash and you'll be sorry." The toon in the middle waved the others forward. Summer punched the toon in the middle directly in the face. He flew back into the wall. "The same will happen to you two if you don't leave." Summer said. The other two toons took off. Summer walked over and put her hands on her knees, and bent over. "Hi, I'm Summer Flower." She said to the toon covering his face. "I... I'm Slash.." He said. Summer smiled. The ground shook. Summer stuck out her hand. "We've gotta go!" She said. Slash took it reluctantly. "Where's your home?!" Summer yelled as the ground quivered again. Slash led the way. Once they reached his home, he went in. Summer looked to the sky. There was a large monster. "Slash, come with me!" A voice yelled from inside. Slash burst from the house on his father's shoulders. Summer followed. The monster was destroying the village now, as toons in different robes ran to the plaza, where the monster was wreaking havoc. "You ready?" Slash's father yelled. "Yep!" The others yelled. "Connect!" All of the toons yelled. These are the sages! Summer thought. There was a blue rabbit, A brown cat, a brown dog, and a red horse from what Summer could see. They all set their children on the ground. "Stay here." They all said. They lifted off the ground. They muttered words that stopped the movements of the monster. The monster grew a pained look. It split. The light of the setting sun disappeared. As the monster was broken into seven parts, the light sealed the monster within the children. The children all passed out. Slash's father and the dog fell. They were dead. The others scooped up the children and took them out of the town. The cat fell. Another sage picked up the child he had, and continued to go to the entrance. Summer watched. Everything became hazy. The effect was wearing off. She closed her eyes, and awoke in the aircraft. 

Chapter 16 A Lost MemoryEdit

Slash appeared in a dark room. He was alone. There was a door shaped light in the distance. Slash ran towards it, and wandered in. He witnessed the erasing of King's memory. Then a flash of light. "What do we do now that we are working with the Chairman?" The grandmaster said, in the room Slash met him in The Games. "We wipe King's memory, then we make out Slash. Duckin and Sir Quacksalot can wait." Xaxianos said. The Grandmaster nodded and went to give the info to the Chairman. Slash awoke in the aircraft again. "The memories were incomplete and changed.." He said. "Yes, but they all contain the correct information. If we are to gather the rest of those with the monster, then we need to get King's memory back." Dombia said. "Send me, I'll go and get it back!" Slash yelled. Dombia thought for a bit.  "If you go, you won't be able to head back here at all. I won't be able to locate you if you are in the present. Are you sure you want to go?" He said. Slash looked back at Summer. "I need to go. The world is at steak." Slash said. "I... I know..." Summer said. Slash walked over and hugged her. "I'll stay safe." Summer nodded. "I'll go now." Slash said. Dombia nodded, and sent Slash to the machine. "Good luck." He said. Slash nodded, and was teleported to King's estate. 

For the rest of Slash's quest, proceed over to After Toontown II A Blank Canvas , that is where his adventures continue. 

Summer sat in the aircraft and watched Slash teleport. Dombia turned to the other toons. "We have our own journey. We must set out and gather reinforcements. We can't leave it up to the ones Slash and King find. We need others who can help us, no matter the battle. If we don't, then they could die." Dombia said. Carven stood, and discareded his ciggerette. "Summer, gather your allies. We'll awake May and heal her up." He said. Summer nodded and jumped from the aircraft. She fell downwards, and punched towards the ground. When her fist hit the ground. It ubsorbed the energy from the blast. The others looked up at her. We need you to join us. There's going to be a great battle, that might cause us our lives, but if we succeed we destroy the Grandmaster." Nightshade stood up. "I'm going with you."  The others stood along with him. Summer smirked. Dombia and Carven drifted downwards. May stood behind them. "We are going now, to gather others." Dombia said. Carven extended his arm. "We want everyone but Summer to walk into here. This is a high-tech training facility. You need to keep your skills at their max." He said. A white, oval portal opened. The other toons walked into the portal.  "Summer, May, I want you to come along with us." Dombia said. He opened another portal. Summer and May followed Dombia and Carven through the portal. Inside they saw a group of toons, shooting wires out of pistols, launching themselfs up trees. "Here we find our first source of help."

Fireball shot a tree, and when up into it. He connected his swords to his guns. He shot a cog, and got slapped out of midair. Dombia and Carven ran forward, May and Summer following them. Carven turned into a sword. Dombia threw him at a cog, then caught Fireball. He ran back to the portal. Dombia dropped Fireball off at the aircraft, and ran back. He jumped up, grabbed Carven, and let out a circular slice. "You help May and Summer out! I've got to awake Fireball!" Carven turned back, and followed orders. Dombia ran back through the portal, and ran into revived zombie-like participants in The Games. One had Fireball over his shoulder. Dombia took the three out with a single punch, and May, Summer, and Carven walked through the portal. "We don't have time to gather all the monsters. We need to get one more and finish. We need them all to train." Dombia said, already aware of their alliance with the Elite Toontown Agents. Carven nodded.

Chapter 17 PreparationsEdit

Dombia walked into the aircraft, along with the Elite Toontown Agents, Jazzy's class, Summer, and Speugpeil. Everyone sat in the main room. "As alot of you know, there are threats nearing Toontown that could destroy us all. As we speak, King and Slash are out gathering our last reinforcements. I am Dombia, the leader of our group. We all need to train as hard as our bodies can muster to prepare. Our training will go as follows. We train for a week as hard as we can, then rest and gather strength for three days. We then march. All of you, being toons, know what Toontown Online is. We exist in Toontown Rewritten currently. Everyone in The Games was transferred here to avoid chaos. Toontown Online hasn't ended though. There is one life that is keeping it there, and we need to eliminate it, so this danger is gone for good. We all have to work as hard as possible. Elite Toontown Agents, your pistols are of no use. Gather normal weapons you wield, and train with them. Jazzy and her class, you will master advanced spells. Monsters, you all group up together and wait for King by sparring. Others, you all spar and gain skill in weapons." Dombia said. Everyone walked out.

King and Slash arrived with Rowdy, Sir Quacksalot, and Duckin. Fireball sparred with Dombia. "I see everyone is training hard." King said, walking into the grounds they were at. Dombia turned to him. "Ah! King! We've been waiting for you. We all have a week of training infront of us." King nodded, and got his sword weighed, then got a training sword that had the same weight, with the same two blades. King got two of them. The same carried out for everyone, so that there were minimal injuries before the final batlle. The days traveled fast, and before they knew it, their last day of rest approached quickly........


"I fight for what I believe is right, and know that if I strive for it, eventually, I'll reach the light I'm going for. I will protect my friends, even if it means it's my final battle."

- King Barney Twiddlephooey

Thank you all so much for staying on track with all of the skipping around that happened with The Games and After Toontown II! I also thank you all so much for reading what is probably not a very good piece of writing, and motivating me to finish! The final batlle is umong us..

The Final Part In The Saga: After Toontown III The Final Battle

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