The Frozen Pizza
Warning! Warning! UFO sighting detected. Prepare for evasive actions.


  • Nights
  • Frozen Pizza
  • Frozen Brocolli
  • Frozen Ice


  • Nights: Aww man, hopefully I'm not hallucinating anymore. Talking brocollis? Really? :( I really need to clean out that freezer....

Nights walks to the freezer, grabs a plastic bag, and opens the door

  • Frozen Brocolli: Ay, ay! Looks! It's Nightsy!
  • Frozen Pizza: Don't scare Nights away Brocolli. Remember last time?


Flashback ends

  • Frozen Brocolli: What flashback? What we staring at? :O
  • Frozen Ice: Shush. You're so noisy.
  • Nights: Now, now... in you go little weird talking thingies. Nightsy needs to stop hallucinating.
  • Frozen Pizza: :O! Nights is gonna throw us away! :O
  • Frozen Ice: But, I'll melt... again! I need the freezer!

Nights puts Frozens in plastic bag

  • Frozen Brocolli: Whee! It's like a ride! :D
  • Frozen Pizza: -_- Fact: Brocollis are not smart.
  • Frozen Brocolli: This thingy is so spacy and plasticky! What ride is this? Is this the Merry-Go-Round?! Nope... doesn't look like it...

Nights throws plastic bag away

  • Frozens (except Brocolli): Ahh!
  • Frozen Brocolli: Whee!!!! :D

28 minutes later...

  • Frozen Ice: I'm getting out of here! It's hot in this thing. D:

Animal Cat comes and hits trash can

  • Frozens (except Brocolli): Ahh!!
  • Frozen Brocolli: Whee!!!! Man this ride just won't stop!
  • Frozens: Oww... My back... wait... I don't got a back.... Whatever...
  • Frozen Ice: Well, I'm outta here.
  • Frozen Pizza: Me too...
  • Frozen Brocolli: Hey look guys! I found them trucks like the ones on TV!

Brocolli gets on truck

  • Frozen Pizza: No Brocolli! Get out of there!
  • Frozen Ice: Who cares, leave him!
  • Frozen Pizza: Your coming with me!

Pizza and Ice get on truck

  • Frozen Brocolli: Hey guys! You wanna get on this ride too?! Yay! :D
  • Frozen Pizza: You gotta get out of here!

Truck starts to move

  • Frozen Brocolli: Whee!
  • Frozens (except Brocolli): Ahh!
  • Frozen Brocolli: You guys keep saying "Ahh!" What are you, robots?

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