The Frozen Pizza
Beware when reading. If you start to feel these side effects, you should stop reading and leave this page.

List of side effectsEdit

  • Headaches
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Room Spinning
  • Excessive Booger generator
  • Excessive Monkey generator
  • Ice Cream overload
  • Caution! UFO ahead
  • Extra Caution! UFO is a doodle
  • Extra Extra Caution! Newspapers say Extra Extra! too much
  • Extra Extra Extra! may (98% positive) appear in your dreams
  • Twinkle Little Stars appear when you are knocked out
  • Knocked out because you smelled monkey odor


  • Nights
  • Frozen Pizza
  • Frozen Brocolli
  • Frozen Ice
  • Frozen Pepperoni
  • Yee who shall not be named


  • Nights: Okay, I think I'm okay now... I'm still hungry.
  • Frozen Brocolli: Hey, hey! Look! Nights is awake! Hoorah! :D
  • Frozen Pizza: Don't talk too much in this story. I only had two lines in the previous episode! And I'm the star remember!
  • Frozen Brocolli: No! I is! I the main character!
  • Nights: ??? What was that sound? Oh no... it's the freezer again. I should really toss old food in the freezer... Hallucinating... urgh...

Frozen Ice appears

  • Frozen Brocolli: :O! :O! Oh my golly! It's... it's... it's... :O! The thingy! Oh my golly! It's yee who shall not be named! :O!
  • Frozen Ice: I have a name...
  • Frozen Brocolli: What? No not you. Voldemort is here! :O I just said it! :OO!
  • Frozen Ice: If my face weren't frozen, I'd be staring at you like:


  • Frozen Pizza: Someone watches too much Harry Potter... By the way, Frozen Ice, what are you doing here? I thought you melted?
  • Frozen Ice: You don't know that! You weren't in the scene where I was melting! You were somewhere else! Perhaps in the dressing room! Getting all dolled up with your friend, Frozen Pepperoni!
  • Frozen Pepperoni: Yo. I'm Pepperoni. But you may call me... Pepperoni. -u-
  • Frozen Pizza: Oh! Just look at those gorgous Pepperoni slices! *u*
  • Frozen Brocolli: Is Voldemort here yet? :O I just says it again!
  • Frozen Ice: Anyways, I'm here to get my revenge. I shall eliminate yall!
  • Frozen Pizza: Yall? People, please, use good Grammar.
  • Frozen Brocolli: Ooh! Ooh! I awesomest at grammar and spellings! I spells correctly! Watch! I spells... um... um... Monkey!

M-O-N-C-Q-O-R-E-Y. Monkey!

  • Frozen Pizza: What goes inside your head? Apparently, your afro takes up 90% of your head's space. 5% is probably not for the brain.
  • Frozen Ice: Quiet! I shall eliminate yall!
  • Frozen Pizza: And how are you supposed to do that?
  • Frozen Ice: I don't know. I haven't thought things through clearly.
  • Frozen Brocolli: I don't think at all! Watch! ... *krickets chirp* ... See!
  • Nights: Those noises! What could it be! D:
  • Frozen Brocolli: Meep, I'm just a normal talking fish. Do not worry Nightsy. Nothing here is scarier than Voldemort.
  • Nights: D: Noises go away!
  • Yee who shall not be named: You must be experiencing the side effects listed on top. Trust me, these frozen objects are quite annoying, especially that brocolli.
  • Frozen Brocolli: That's mister Brocolli to you! Mister Afro-fro-zen Brocolli!
  • Frozen Pizza: Well, it's the end of the episode. Frozen Ice hasn't "eliminated" us yet.
  • Frozen Brocolli: Eliminated? I spells it good! Watch!
  • Frozen Pizza: You can't even spell Monkey right! Q? Really?
  • Frozen Brocolli: No. No! Watch!

E-L-I-M-I-N-A-T-E-D. Eliminated!

  • Frozen Pizza: Wow. O.O

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