The Frozen Pizza
Beware when reading. If you are a pizza fan, you should leave this page before... you know who comes... eepr...


  • Nights
  • Frozen Pizza
  • Frozen Brocolli
  • Frozen Ice


Nights stomach growls

  • Nights: I'm hungry. Hmm, let's go check the refrigerator! ... Aww, there's nothing in the fridge... Freezer? ... Hmm... Umm, too much ice cream last night, don't feel like eating... Jellybeans... urgh... Pizza?

Nights is satisfied with the pizza and tries to find the microwave

Freezer starts talking

  • Frozen Brocolli: Hey, aren't you gonna eat meh? I is delicious! ^u^ I smells like brocolli and tree and onions and cat and FlappyWildbumper's doodle... yes, UFO sat on me. I feel traumatized.
  • Nights: Eww, I don't wanna eat a brocolli. It's too... non-Toonish and are like Cogs best friend.
  • Frozen Brocolli: Aww, come on! I says I delicious! Mmm! By the way, that pizza is 78 and 3/4 years old. You should not eat that!
  • Nights: Gross! D: I'm still hungry and I have a talking brocolli in the freezer... What's next?

Frozen Ice starts talking

  • Frozen Ice: Brrr... I cold... pour some hot water on me! D:
  • Nights: Wait... your ice. Ice is already frozen? Are you on some kind of medication??
  • Frozen Ice: Just give me a blanket!
  • Frozen Brocolli: Hey Ice, ain't I delicious? I smells like brocolli!
  • Frozen Ice: N-n-oo! I need a b-blan-k-ket!
  • Nights: But if I pour you in hot water, you'll me...
  • Frozen Ice: Just pour some hot water!
  • Nights: Okay....

Hot water is poured on Frozen Ice

  • Frozen Ice: Yes, that feels good... wait, I'm starting to sweat! Nooo! I'm melting!!!
  • Frozen Brocolli: Yea! Feel the burn! Yea! Oh yea!

Frozen Pizza starts talking

  • Frozen Pizza: Hey, aren't you gonna eat me yet? Wait a minute, why is the frozen ice and frozen brocolli taking my spotlight?! I'm the main character! Look! It says so in the title!
  • Nights: Okay, I had WAY too much ice cream last night... O.O

Nights leaves the room

  • Frozen Brocolli: Hey Pizza, wanna dance?
  • Frozen Pizza: I know FlappyWildbumper. I'll call him to bring his doodle and sit on you!
  • Frozen Brocolli: No! Not me afro! Noo!

The End!

This story was not thought through very clearly. :D

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