Season 2 Premier

Chapter 1- Sssssilences Are Never Good...

"Skooby.", Lilly said one morning.

"What is it?", Skooby asked.

"You seem sad about something...", Lilly said.

"Theres just no adventure anymore. After herobrine died, there isnt anything fun to do anymore. The cogs are still in minecraftia and the mobs are too easy to kill.", Skooby said.

"Gosh. I didnt know you were so bored.", Lilly said.

"I want to see the end.", Skooby admited.

There was a silence.

There was a footstep noise outside and then an explosion.

"What was that?", Skooby asked.

Skooby and Lilly dashed to their backyard. There was a giant hole where the door used to be.

"Finally! A bit of adventure.", Skooby said happily.

An enderman crawled out from a near cave and teleported to the house.

Come on enderman try to kill me.", Skooby said.

Skooby looked into the glaring purple eyes of the enderman. The jaws opened wide. The enderman teleported away.

"A bit easy.", Lilly said.

"Thats not all.", Skooby said with a grin.

The enderman teleported Behind Skooby.

Skooby turned behind himself and destroyed the enderman with a mere touch of his sword,

"Too easy.", Skooby said.

Chapter 2- Old Friends

"Why do you want to go to the end!?", Lilly asked Skooby feircly.

"I need adventure.", Skooby responded.

"We need an entire- wait a second.", Lilly said.

"Nonono. You are NOT getting Imma and Drew...", Skooby said.

"Oh yes I am. We need an entire toon army to just step foot on the end.

A few moments later, a car drove up onto the driveway.

"Hey, Skooby and Lilly!", Imma and Drew said hapily.

"Why THEM?", Skooby asked.

"Skooby. I'm mad at them too. Just right now, they're our only choice.", Lilly responded.

"We heard about all those mobs you've slain.", Drew said.

"Even Herobrine!", Imma said.

"How did the media find out about that?", Skooby asked.

"They have bots everywhere that collect information.", Imma said.

"Thats wrong.", Lilly said.

"Oh, and sorry about that accident.", Drew said.

"Oh, its ok. You only made Drap illegal.", Skooby said sarcasticly.

"Listen, Skooby. Lilly is taking a bit too much time out of your life/", Drew whispered.

"She is not!", Skooby said back.

"I'm getting in the car.". Skooby said.

Skooby walked through his house and into the garage to get in his and Lillys car.

Chapter 3- The Ravine

There was a long silence throughout the car.

"Why arent you happy with them coming?", Lilly finally asked.

"They're jelous. Drew mostly. Immas boyfriend died because of Shocker and Drew has never had love...", Skooby said.

"Oh... Thats sad.", Lilly said.

"I know.", Skooby responded.

"Then why are you so mad at them?", Lilly asked.

"They don't want me with you- they want it like it was when there were 3 leaders.", Skooby said.

"That makes me kinda angry also.", Lilly responded.

Skooby and Lilly stopped when they came across the ravine that intersected with the stronghold.

"Theres endermen crawling all over the place!", a familiar voice said.

"Bill!", Skooby said hapily.

"Wheres Sally?", Lilly asked.

"Shes afraid she might stare at the endermen- and as you know, NEVER do that unless you wanna attack them.", Bill responded.

"So, you guys are going to the end?", Bill asked.

"Yeah to fight some enderbots.", Lilly said.

It had just hit Skooby- Lilly still thought this.

"And to possibly kill the ender dragon.", Skooby said.

"I'm in for killing the dragon,", Bill said.

Lilly glared at Skooby.

"Enderbots, huh?", she asked.

"I didnt want you saying stuff like im gonna die.", skooby responded.

Chapter 4- The End

The toons continued walking in the paths of the stronghold, until they finally came into the portal room.

"So, we just place these 12 eyes of ender in the slots?", Lilly asked.

"Yup.", Skooby responded.

The toons placed all of they eyes of ender in their spot.

"It's opening.", Bill said as a portal took the shape of the 3x3 square.

The toons all jumped in the portal to find the endermen were all in the end. With the enderdragan possibly anywhere.

"THIS is the end?", Lilly asked in astonishment.

There were rocks that looked like cheese on the terrain and it was a barren land, with no sculptures or anything. Just yellow stones as far as the eye can see.

"Reminds me of the moon."

"Me too.", Skooby said.

Just then, a draganoid figure flew above the toons. It wasn't the enderdragon- it was a Death's Apprentice.

"Death's Apprentice! Don't let it hit you. Its very venomous!", Skooby yelped in fear.

"I thought these guys were native only to Redblock!", Bill said, scared.

Chapter 5- The Apprentice Of Death

The Death's Apprentice landed on the ground and started to speak in an old voice.

"The enderdragon is the least of your worries.", the Death's Apprentice said.

"How is he the least?", Lilly asked.

"Stronger enemies have awoken. The anchient wither skeletons and the witches. And possibly the most annoying, Death.", the Death's Apprentice responded.

"Death has awoken again?", Skooby said, as if he had remembered something.

"Yes, indeed.", the Death's Apprentice snickered.

"Why does it have to be DEATH?", Bill asked.

"Thats not what you really want to know.", the Death's Apprentice said.

Skooby readied his sword, sure for a fight. And sure enough, one started.

"RUN!", Bill said.

The Death's Apprentice spit black goo onto the end ground and Wither Skeletons popped up. The Wither Skeletons were in iron armor and weilded stone swords with Knockback V.

"Oh no...", Skooby said remembering the wither skeletons and their strength.

Skooby and his friends slashed through the wither skeletons and their bones all spilt onto the ground.

"Have you forgotten, Skooby? Wither Skeletons an reform!", the Death's Apprentice said, now much stronger.

Sure enough, when Lilly, Skooby and Bill looked at the Wither Skeletons, they were reforming.

The Death's Apprentice then attacked Skooby.

"No!", Lilly started to shout.

"Too late.", Bill said, knowing the effects of the attack.

"I've been withered!", Skooby said after suffering the first part of the attack.

Chapter 6- Withered

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