One day, a yellow mouse named Cheese Dee Hucklecheese was very hungry and couldn't go to the Toon-Market because he didn't have enough jellybeans. This was terrible for Cheese, he is crazed about Cheese.

Any kind of cheese, block cheese, cheddar cheese, white cheese, cinnamon cheese, apple-flavored cheese, etc.

"Hmm." Cheese said thinking to himself. So, he went to the Bossbot HQ Clubhouse.                                                    First, he went into the elevator and encountered  10 Flunky Guards Level 5 V2.0 were dining in the waiter room.

"A Toon!" one of the Flunkies said, "Attack!" added another. "V2.0 Flunkies? Easy, all they should have is 84 health points." he said.  He used a overpowering opera and it destroyed all ten flunkies, breaking through the skelecog version.  

Hearing the noise, three Big Cheeses emerged from the doors. "What's all the noise for boys?" the strongest of Big Cheeses said angrily. "Flunkies?" he questioned before seeing a yellow mouse in the room.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?" The Big Cheese yelled. "For lunch," Cheese sneered and then slices off all three of their heads with his knife. The rest of their bodies fall to the ground with circuits and wires sticking out. 

After that he went back home and cooked all three heads, he slided cinnamon on the heads, unhooked the remaining wires, and finally took out the hard drive set. He ate the first slice and it didn't taste rotten at all, it was delicious-o-so.

And that's how you set up a microwave..

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