The Charmer is the counterpart of the existing cog The Mingler. She (or, maybe it) is slightly stronger to a normal Level 9 cog, since Level 9 cogs have 110 health points, but The Charmer has 150 (40+ health points). She cannot be destroyed by one gag at once, since she has an extra 40 health points, so players will have to use an Organic Birthday Cake to take away 110, and then they will need a wedding cake (or anything that takes away 40 or more health) to destroy her completely.

Appearance Edit

She wears a normal cog suit, though it is unclear what kind of cog she is but she is considered as a Bossbot, and her skin colour is a neutral colour like Mover & Shaker's or Two-Face's. She is a fairly skinny cog with shoulder length hair in the shade cinnamon. She is normally found in Donald's Dock, and she may be in other places but it is unknown. She also wears a small necklace with a star and a small bracelet on her left wrist. She is the only known cog to wear jewellery that is not in her ears.

First appearance Edit

Her first appearance was wandering around Donald's Dock, when she was threatened by a toon. She was defeated and sent back to Bossbot HQ. Eventually, after some training, she came back, and she got promo to Level 9. She is currently known as a wanderer. She is also known as Charm.

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