It was late evening in the neighboorhood, Maple Valley. Rocco, a bright red dog was brushing his teeth and then jumped in his trolley bed. He fell a sleep for about 30 minutes or less and then was awaken from a loud noise outside.

"Hey, what's all that rucus outside?" Rocco yelled out his window. A tall orange horse was hammering, it was his neighboor, Galloping George. "Heheh, sorry. I'll do this tomorrow.." he said shyly. Rocco closed his window and went back to bed. 

Then, he got a phone call and it boinged.  Rocco sighed, "Hello? Who is it?" he asked. "It's me Telemarketer #SB-8452-4123. I'm here to ask you, if you want to buy this brand new delux mo--------------" the cog was interupted as Rocco hung up. He went back to rest for the SECOND TIME. Then, from upstairs he heard big bangs on his front door. "LET US IN! LET US IN!" he heard angry toons say.

"Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!" Rocco joking around feeling tired. "?" the burgler cats questioned.   "MAN, I REALLY WANTED TO ROB THIS HOUSE. DANG IT BOB!" one of the cats said. And then for the third time, Rocco fell asleep until..........

ColdCaller small


a cog busted in!

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