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The Big Cheese is the eighth Cog on the Bossbot Corporate Ladder. They range from Level 8 to Level 12. A Big Cheese is the main character in Big Cheese's Diary. They are one of most common cogs seen in the fanfictions.

The Big Cheese
Big Cheese 110st

Lowest Level:


Highest Level:


Proceeded by:

Corporate Raider

Succeeded by:

Beastman (ToontasticToon212's idea)

Fanfiction Appearances:

Gears: The Legend of Toontown
Big Cheese's Diary
Lil Oldman's annoying tasks (mentioned)
The Lost Land of Toontown
The Last Stand
Toontown Football (cameo)
Super Toons - The End of Time
Super Toons Series 1.5
Flappy Generation

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