GingerbreadSweetcat November302012

The Adventures of "The Gingerbread Sweetcat"! follows the adventures of one of my toons that is a five-track uber in-training and a Christmas-themed toon. It is a upcoming series airing fanfictions starting December 1, 2012. The director of this series is founder, ToontasticToon212. Don't edit the fanfiction epsiodes without the author's permission's grants. 

This Series will only air through December 2012 and will not air until around Valentine's Day. At the most, 4-6 episodes.

If you would like to have a cameo appearance in this series, contact me on my talk page. I am only accepting on my agreement, it's not a big deal.


  • Episode 1 (Pilot): Meet Gingerbread!
  • Episode 2: The Mystery Case 
  • Episode 3: Mad Professor Errorbawn's Cog
  • Episode 4 (full-length fanfiction): Gingerbread's Trip to the North Pole
  • Episode 5: Gingerbread's Christmas of 2012
  • Episode 6: A Happy Ging-ie New Year!

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