Hibernation Part 2

When Bonkers and Jelly woke up, the Entity said "Ah, you are awake. I am the Powerful Entity, the new Ruler Toontown!" "But..... Entities aren't real. Well, they are, but they can't talk!" Jelly protested. "You are correct. I am a projection of your mind." "Then how come I can see you?" "Because you think the same as him. If he thinks something you agree. And vice versa. So, if he says he sees something, you agree, therefore you can see me aswell." "But if your not real, I can say your not real, because you aren't, and you would disappear, right?" "Correct. But you cannot stop me. Your mind is not powerful enough. It is only half of the will power you need." "But if I help him..." Bonkers said "The we can defeat you!" "No. I won't let you. START THE INVASION! ALL TOONS WILL RISE AND OBEY ME!" "Uh oh Jelly, I think we are in trouble." Bonkers said. "No kidding. We need to think! He is NOT real!" They closed there eyes to believe it. Meanwhile, all of the toons were rising from there beds. They never blinked, they were in a trance, with there hands streched out as if they were Zombies. Back at the Toon Hall, the entity said "No! This can't happen! Wait... when they fell asleep they were meant to sleep forever! Not wake up! There will power is too strong!" NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" BOOM!!!!!!!!! Bonkers and Jelly were thrown out of the window, and when they woke up, everything was normal. "Wow, that's finally over!" Bonkers said, with a sigh of relief. "But he wasn't real. We didn't have to defeat him, did we Bonkers? He wasn't strong enough to be brought into real life. As soon as he need to renergize, the Toons would be out of control. So really, we destroyed him for no reason." "Well, at least it won't happen again!"


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