Strongbot HQ is, well, of course, the HQ for Strongbots. The levels of Cogs here range from 9-12.

The M.D (Muscle Daddy)Edit


First, you go through the door with a big weight on it in The Gym, located next to the only area you can see level 4 Balloon Lifters, which is located around the entrance to the HQ. When you get inside, you will see a green dog named Prof. Von Megastink guiding you through the M.D.

Prof. Von Megastink: Hello! / I am Proffesor Von Megastink, but you can call me Proffesor M. / You are just in time! Battle these Cogs - and quick! / Why, you may ask? / Because you will NOT get through with THOSE puny disguises. / These V.4.0 Cogs will turn into Skelecogs, and when those are defeated, they will turn into a Level 11 WordGirl or Corporate Raider. / By the way, the WordGirl and/or Cororate Raider will be a V.2.0 Cog.

You will battle a group of WordGirls and Bodyguard V.2.0s. These will be V.4.0 Cogs, which are Cogs that after their Skelecog dies, they will beomce a weaker V.2.0 Cog - and by the way, yes, they DO have the "Bossbot-Exclusive" Cogs. After you defeat 50 Level 12 WordGirls, 40 Level 11 Bodyguard v.2.0s, and 10 Level 10 Bodyguard v.2.0s, Prog. Von Megastink will return.

Prof. Von Megastink: Hello again! / You have defeated 100 Strongbots. / Anyone still standing here with at least 50 of their Laff left will actually earn 50 extra fire slips. / As a reward for anyone that is standing here, regardless of how much Laff they have left, you guys will earn a free Level 7 gag of all types. / If you already had a Level 7 gag of a type, you have 2 Level 7 gags of that type.

So then, you will go inside a room where you will see the past bosses you have battled as a cameo.

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