Spikers are the fourth sportsbot. These are female cogs, as volleyball is mainly played by girls. The levels range from 5-9, so the Contractwriter is more advanced than this cog. You can find this cog in the Cog Olympics (usually summer), or Cog Nation Stadiums.

Starting phrases:

"Spikes are coming your way!"

"Serve and spike, thats what i do!"

"You don't see any males doing this do you? DO YOU!?"

Special not-to-battle phrase:

"The game is over."

Name Phrase(s)

Level 5

(45 HP)

Level 6

(56 HP)


(72 HP)

Level 8

(90 HP)

Level 9

(110 HP)


"This always gives my team an edge."

"Spikestrips are for policemen. Spikes are for Spikers!"

"This game ends now!"

'Your not a worthy opponent."

"You've been served."

7 8 12 13 11
Play Hardball "Once you get hit, you'll run home." 8 10 12 13 15

More later!

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