Spectyte is the fifth cog on the Deceptibot corporate ladder, with levels ranging from 5 to 9.

Starting Phrases:

"You won't be coming back."

"Take that back or else!"

"Crawling back to me?"

"I'm back in business!"

"Here's the back page."

"Sign here toon."

"This is not a spectator sport."

"Looks like you need back up."

"I always have a Plan B."

"You better back down, toon."


Black Hole: Spectyte whirls its hands twice and stops, causing a vortex to appear, sucking in all toons who don't miss. This attack takes away 8 to 20 laff.

Tripwire: After laying some jellybeans as bait, toons will try and move to get them, but will fall over a tripwire that suddenly appears, taking 7 to 15 laff.

Gag Snatch: Like Spitfire's attack except the toon loses 6 to 19 laff and 6 gags from the track.

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