Spectra-mech is the fourth cog on the Dark Cog corporate ladder, ranging from levels 4 to 8. Its suit has a lot of tears and cracks in it, showing its Dark Skelecog. The remainder of its face looks sullen, with empty black eyes. It has a slim suit like that of a Mover and Shaker.

Starting Phrases Edit

  • "I wouldn't mind if I was happy."
  • "Get away from me!"
  • "I remember when I was actually a Cog..."
  • "Free hug?"
  • "Ooo..."
  • "I remember when..."
  • "This is a rather nice haunt." (Building/facility exclusive)
  • "I hope I'm not scaring you."

Attacks Edit

(Signature) Ghostly Get-well-soon: Spectra-mech slowly heals off of a toon. Can only be used if Spectra-mech has lost that amount of health.

  • 10 damage for 3 turns at level 4
  • 15 damage for 3 turns at level 5
  • 25 damage for 4 turns at level 6
  • 25 damage for 5 turns at level 7
  • 30 damage for 5 turns at level 8

(Type Signature) Shifting Shadows: Spectra-mech cloaks itself in shadows and transforms into another cog of its level.

Paranormal Activity: Spectra-mech disappears and reappears behind a toon and screams. That toon has a 100% chance of missing on its turn, a 50% chance to miss on its second turn and a 25% chance to miss on its third turn.

Guilt Trip: Red sparks fly from Spectra-mech's hands and race for the toons, tripping them.

  • 6 damage at level 4
  • 8 damage at level 5
  • 11 damage at level 6
  • 13 damage at level 7
  • 15 damage at level 8

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